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Sleepy Maru Is Cute


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  1. ずんぐりむっくりでほんとにかわいいですね。寝顔が気持ちよさそうww

  2. Котик нервный на самом деле. Он схватил игрушку и не отпускал даже во сне, чтоб его не тревожили ею. Видимо хозяева подзадолбали!

  3. @igniz92 All cat’s meow’s sound, to some extent, like a baby crying. This is no accident. We have evolved to pay special attention to the sound of baby’s crys and, cats have evolved to meow at the same frequency because it gets out attention and makes us want to help them. Crafty little devils (although, of course, this isn’t a deliberate act, it’s just that when they first started to live with humans, the ones with meows like this got fed the most so, they were the ones that survived).

  4. Maybe the toy is stuck on his tooth. Maybe he’s annoyed that you keep teasing him with a toy on a string. Or maybe he’s tired of being filmed. Regardless, I love what you do and I think Maru is amazing! Keep the awesome footage coming!

  5. Cutest thing i’ve seen lately! And for all the concerned people out there, this is NOT a cat in distress. He is just telling everyone proudly that he has been successful in his hunt. If you’d ever had a cat, you would know this behavior is normal. It’s just something that they do!

  6. Thank you for sharing this. Our kittens really reacted to hearing this. One left the room in search of Maru and the other got on the desk and was looking at the screen. Seems he’s the smarter of the two. lol

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  8. I would definitely love to see a video Of Maru watching himself on Youtube :)! It would be so cute to see his reaction <3

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