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Cute And Clever Dog Plays Fetch With Himself


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  1. Jajajajajjaaj of course he is crying cause he is showing how he wants to play and no one plays with him 😀 Poor dog T______T

  2. True, as do I. Incivility and rudeness seem to be the hallmarks of arrogant & ignorant cowards, everywhere. They flourish in the world of anonymity which this medium allows. It is best to ignore them as they do not deserve the courtesy of a reply.

  3. יאוווו לבעלים אין ידייםםם!!
    הוא זה שחינך את הכלב לשחק עם עצמו כי הוא לא יכול כי אין לו ידייםםם תבינוווו

  4. Ha! That’s funny! Smart dog eh! I sometimes wish my dogs would entertain themselves like that instead of bugging me all the time!

  5. The dog’s owner is a fucking asshole! The dog is crying because he must play himself, the dog owner is too “busy“ talking! FUCK YOU!

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