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Crazy Guy Cuts Off Parking Meter With Saw


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  1. @KittyKranker Or the poster heard exactly what I heard two seconds before he declared it. Watch again, the dude yelling clearly says „I’ll put a quarter in right now“ beforehand. That, plus meter maid = easily attained conclusion.

  2. Yup, all the signs of a viral campaign – seemingly impromptu video, yet shot in 720p, narration that describes exactly what’s going on in the video, tons of tags despite this being the account’s first video, and a title with no capitalization, yet with tons of exclamation points – grabbing attention while making the video seem unprofessional. Oh, and there’s the fact that in extended version, the guy has a digital clock on his arm.

  3. We our taking back our streets!!!! The NYPD just got busted yesterday for a huge criminal ring involving taking care of tickets for $ and drugs. google it! This is why the banks are paying them (jp morgan CHASE) just last week CHASE bank gave NYPD 4.6 million dollars! They will promise to keep whipping ass for pay offs!

  4. كفو والله

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    والله ان نظام دولتهم احسن منا مع انهم يهود

    لكن الي عندنا انظمتهم أنظمة يهود بس يقولون انهم مسلمين !!

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  6. the way they talking and acting looks completely fake. And beside if you don’t want to pay a parking ticket .. if is true this idiot will even get a biger bill by the city for destroying a public property
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  7. LoL either fake, or the funniest crap I have seen in a while ;p Incidentally that chainsaw could be considered a deadly weapon and that feller is prolly lucky he did not get shot ;p

  8. Fake

    In the first case, after posting the story, the Huffington Post called the NYPD to see if the 16th Precinct seen on the police car exists – it doesn’t, therefore proving it’s a staged clip.

  9. funny but fake cuz ALL precients in brooklyn are in the 70’s eg 77thpct 79thpct. single digits 1 – 30’s are exclusive to manhattan ONLY, so 16th pct vehicle wouldn’t be giving tickets in brooklyn besides i don’t believe there’s a 16th anyway,s and in brooklyn the cops shot and killed man wielding a hammer, so pulling out a chainsaw would’ve been a perceived threat and gotten him blasted on the spot!!!

  10. @jbernal7782 ya because a few years ago people didnt pay them respect because they looked like meter maids so they gave them the colors of the nypd so the meter maids can be more intimidating

  11. Actually it wasn’t a chainsaw, it was a gas-powered cutoff saw, probably has the same motor as chainsaw, but it wasn’t a chainsaw though.

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  13. Fuck off, you keep believing fake stuff is real like Cinderella and I will let people know of the truth yea? Fucking idiot.

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  16. for the people who dont know, this is fake if watch one of the episodes of caught on camera, this video was meant to promote the movie with amanda syfried and justin timberlake.

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