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Lol Scare Prank


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  1. I’m gonna tell you, augsburgdiet – I have replayed his reaction at least 30 times and I have tears rolling down my cheeks. Thank you for a great, gut-busting run of laughter. „Oh! Gawd Almighty!“

  2. East Texas. I have to say that I did not realize our accents were that strong until seeing the video. Thanks for watching.

  3. Really? Sometimes it sounded like a southern accent, other times like australian, and sometimes like a weird European accent.

  4. WOW that is amazing. XDXD I would totally do that if I had a skeksis costume!

    Speaking of, impressive costume!

  5. We are producing a TV show for the Nickelodeon cable network. The 30-minute show will highlight funny and entertaining internet videos. We are interested in using your video, Skeksis scare prank. If you would like to see your video on television, please contact us at Please remind me in the subject heading what video was yours along with your user name and a link to the video.

  6. Aw man that Treasurer costume is epic, did you really make that all yourself? I would have been terrified if I’d see that.

  7. Thanks for the compliment. The costume was completely hand made. I’ve been thinking about making the dying emperor skeksis for next halloween…maybe.

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