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Fastest Two-Ball Labyrinth! (World Record)


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  1. this shit is fake. as you can see the ball goes to a complete stop before every hole which probably means there are a magnets on the board. Also the balls stop at the same time at different places. explain that.

  2. Something seems fishy about the movement. Balls stopping just on the brim of holes, not moving when he jerked the bored but moving when he hadn’t seemed to have moved the board at all.Not saying it was faked as it was subtle but my spidey sense is tingling.

  3. this is obviously fake. watch the balls in unison…when the board is tilted to one side, you would expect BOTH to roll correct? well there are many times only one rolls, and the other stays still. magnets friends.

  4. ah ooooooo ahh ooo donn!!! ….f this guy…i just say f it and broke mine…on to something else that doesnt make want to poop my pant because of metal ball that are not in a gun

  5. it looks thaT he/she is using magnets or something, cuz sometimes when 1 ball is stuck, he moves 1 ball, but another stays where it is while it should move to since he/she is moving table.

  6. I’m sorry but if I attempted this I’d go mentally insane and end up crack that board over my knee and then eating it.

  7. Whoever came up with this game.. I would just like to sat.. UR A DICK!!!!! That is all. Btw this guy got some skills

  8. Fake and gay. You put little ridges at all the holes so it’s harder to go in, and you carved tiny groves in select places. I see through your shenanigans.

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