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Very Talented Young Artist From Yangon, Myanmar


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  1. People bashing on modern artists like Picasso have NO IDEA what they are talking about, what Picasso or the Cubist movement were about, and can see nothing besides what’s obvious to the eye, which is the ‘disfiguring’ of people. Learn something about the man before you bash on him.

  2. I’d call him an artisan, not an artist. His technique is excellent, but he’s just repeating patterns, just like the mexican alebrijes. They are wonderful, but they are not “art”.

  3. I started watching it thinking oh i’m not gonna sit here watch a dude paint for 7 minutes…that’s exactly what I did!! He is amazing and quite inspiring 🙂 Does anyone know what this technique is called? What kind of paper/canvas is he using?

  4. If you have time can you please come check out my Youtube channel. I’m a self- taught artist, and I express my art on Youtube. I’m sure that you won’t regret seeing some of my videos. Thank you for your time.


  5. لا إلﮧ إلٲ اللﮧ محﻤد رسول اللﮧ
    سبحاڽ اللﮧ وبحمﺪﮪ سبحاﻥ اللﮧ العظيـ۾

  6. ماشاء الله. ابدااااع ،، الله يحفظه ويوفقه
    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

  7. الله → تگتب هگذاا … زخرفوو اسماائگم بما تشاائون لگن اسم الله لا تتعدو علية

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