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Kayaking with Redondo Beach Blue Whales


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  1. Awesome! I don’t see this as harrassment. I’ve worked as a data collector on whale-watching boats and have seen some of these boats nearly run over some whales! Poor captaining skills. In this whale-watching area where 100 ft long motor vessels take folks out (within specified distance, species and motoring protocol, i.e., idle throttle) it’s on a daily basis in the summer months. You were in a kayak! And it came to within you! Better to shoot with a camera than a spear, I say.

  2. This is half the reason the open ocean freaks me out. The whale, if it wanted to, could have killed you. (The other half the same reason I don’t like to be on the roof of a building without a railing; I’m not afraid of heights, I’m afraid of depths.)

  3. Not to humbled… Because I believe it was 01:41 where he said „Wooo Whoo“ and displaying the „Shaka Sign“ which is a common Hawaiian Greeting Gesture and or also known as „Hang Loose“ in The Surf Culture.
    But it is great up close up vid of What is Truly an „AWESOME GIFT“ for All Man Kind to Witness.

  4. @BeachKeever The whale was feeding, it’s easy to see if you know what you’re looking at. In one shot it clearly shows the whale’s throat grooves were heavily expanded, and water was visible being forced thru the baleen.

  5. @cacamonster91st True, but surprisingly an occurrence that is extremely rare! The whales have a very good sense of what is around them, and an even better sense of what their flukes may hit. I’ve seen divers within feet of large whales, and the whales invariably can stop short of hitting any of them. You can even see that they shorten their stroke so as not to hit them…really amazing creatures!

  6. I would die. Literally. I’d be so afraid that thing would squash me like a bug by accident that I would seriously die of shock.

    You are super brave. But question: (serious question because I’m not aware of all the laws) Isn’t there a distance one must be from these beautiful animals as they are endangered and protected?

  7. Thankd you for this!! I have been looking at blue whales videos and none have had me on edge and have been as thrilling as this! I felt like I was right there with you. And when you got in the water and it was under you .. I shrieked!! Awesome and amazing!

  8. omg you are really brave , even though whales are not angry and stuff i would totally be scared to death and in that Kayak omg ! love this video ! love whales <3

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