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Quantum Levitation


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  1. @thetrueguitarher0 This is how they work;
    Google Image Search: “ ‚how do magnets work‘ gravity poster “
    Find the old fashioned looking poster, should be one of the first results 🙂

  2. Three Best things in the World for me now: ): ): ): ): )
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    3. the video above—- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:] :]:] :]:] :]:]

  3. @Linoxism Nono, the superconductor has to be supercooled to be able to ‚levitate‘. As it remains in the air longer, the temperature slowly goes up and up until it becomes warm enough that it stops being being a superconductor.

  4. @triforceofpower13 its simply freezing the magnetic field in suspended animation. Just because I believe in god does not mean I think the universe is not governed by laws. Science is the discovery of those laws. I can believe in both.

  5. @pavelbenjacob I wasnt saying anything as if I knew all that stuff.. I was just quoting the video… it was funny how that camera guy was saying all these smart things and the demonstrator was like saying stupid stuff like and I can flip it upside down throughout the video

  6. @Awezumi Hidden from the public eye? More like the public doesn’t care to find out about. Quantum levitation has been known for ages, I read about it in the early 90s. But mainstream media cares more about showing Snooki’s latest botox fix.

  7. i see potential problems in using this for anything other then entertainment purposes. first the face that it has to be below 100 C all the time just to maintain its super conductor status second it would take thousands of these just to make one flip flop shoe supported (based on my observation of how easily he moved it within the magnetic field

  8. This shit would be awesome for cooking..I could like hover my mixing bowl and’d have to have a megnetic countertop and dishes with that wired nitrogen stuff built in

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  10. What if you used electromagnets to amp up how fast or how high it could go? Then considering how high the voltage of the amp it could go into a very high or powerful machine that could produce large amounts of every with small amounts of electricity. Just a thought

  11. @helmuth8806 „we need to stop looking“
    Stop scientific endeavour? Are you mad?
    „because we do not possess the resources or capabilities to create it ourselves“
    Not yet, give it time.
    If god was omniscient, why would he test us? Obviously god couldn’t be omniscient, because that would deprive even god of free will.
    Why would an allpowerful being want praise, or even, feel the need to be acknowledged?
    Just why would this being be more insecure than me?

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  13. Has anyone ever researched the connection between the pineal gland and quantum mechanics. Sound waves can heal and awaken the body check out my videos and you may try and see for yourself.

  14. I’m no scientist, but I’m going to hazard no. Bose-Einstein condensates form only a very small amount above absolute zero, and I doubt you could keep a BEC stable like that out in the open.

  15. This would still require magnetic tracks, which wouldn’t be too different than a magnetic train. My question is, how can we use this today, and what possibilities does this lead us into tomorrow?

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