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Hurricane Irene Fail – Weather Channel States The Obvious


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  1. Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yer?

    See the løveli lakes

    The wonderful telephøne system

    And mani interesting furry animals

  2. LOL, those dang hurricanes, they fill the beaches with sand and make the oceans have water. Next he told them he had a headache in his head. Those are the worst, you know, so much worse than those headaches in your leg.
    (Rolling eyes)

  3. Wow. After living here for 10+ plus years, I’m glad to finally know what the hell all that stuff was on the beach! I never would have guessed it was sand….

  4. I hope you all got a diploma just one, so you know how to kick with ya feet to just stay alive another 2 minutes haha, oh oh America, you stupid ass fucked up country you are, The only ones who are able to give U yes U Americans a future just a possibilty I mean don’t get cocky now, is us … the Dutch we are smart motherfuckers aight, to speak in your own Caveman talk… we have the power to save BILLIONS of people and guess what, you ain’t so much in the group anymore, Keep swimming !! lol

  5. oh and keep rolling those motherfucking camera’s we need some drowning oke we need some screeming motherfuckers begging for life because that is what nature does, test animals to see how much they WANT to survive, not much I have seen so I don’t care I didn’t made any rule op that nature obtains to show us Dutch how fucked up you are you can’t even stay alive during some water problems so fuck you and please, respect is not something you just GET oke, you have to EARN it !! weak, sad people

  6. „Wait a minute, wait one second. I think I’m onto something here. This is pure snow! It’s everywhere. Do you have any idea what the street value of this mountain is?“

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