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UFO, Meteorite Fireball Over Cusco Peru?


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  1. No it is not meteorite * ia/press-releases/fraunhofer-r * researchers-monitor-rosat-reent * ry. html

    The German satellite ROSAT will this coming weekend, 22 or 23 October 2011, crashing on Earth. A few weeks ago an American satellite collapsed down on Earth. This satellite, with a total weight of about 6,000 pounds, fell apart over the Pacific Ocean. This caused the crash of these satellite on Earth no appreciable damage.

  2. yes. I see that same image every day, thats clearly a jet trail. What else could it be? A sparrow on steroids? A crazy butterfly with gas? No, it cant be, the logical explanation is a jet trail and some drunk hillbillies spotting it as something else. Case you’re wondering about ppl’s stupidity, go read about that time jupiter and it’s moons where mistaken by a UFO….

  3. how much do they pay you to come up with this kind of nonsense? Conspiracy theorists are exist to make money out of the fools…

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