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UFO, Meteorite Fireball Over Cusco Peru?


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  1. @wellerocks „Are you all idiots? That is so clearly a 4-engine jet which contrails are high enough for the sunset to refract the light. Haven’t any of you seen a orange/pink cloud during sunset? Jesus christ people“

    My thoughts exactly after one second xD

  2. @crazymoon62 The trail coming from the thing is nothing like an aircraft trail. And if you can show me a video proving me wrong ill be happy. But I have never seen a trail like that from an aircraft or anything else in the sky for that matter. For one thing an aircraft contrail only starts being visible a good distance behind the turbine. This trail clearly starts at the front of the object and balloons around it. Unless you think we are dealing with invisible planes now… lol

  3. and ufo. exacly opposit think. we are bad gays, they dont have a technology, we have it and we are the mass morder on earth, moon, mars….wee see it all in the movie to scare ass, but they asking for help us coz they are slave now like we are now. they have lot’s of other thing where they are good sa we need them, technology, neeee slaves are the best, we can take what we want if we need. if you will kill cywilization yoy will never know what they can. if you need something what you kill before

  4. the thing is… if it was a meteorite… surely bits would be falling off as it burns through the atmosphere, leaving smaller contrails leading away from the main contrail… and so it either has to be a plane with sun reflection, or… i can’t believe i’m saying this… a UFO, well technically it is a UFO, people relate UFO as meaning alien, it means unidentified flying object, so it IS a UFO, but not necessarily an alien UFO, either that or it’s a high strength material so no bits fall off.

  5. @keybladekyle lol…please stop it, if you had any idea about water or humidity in our atmosphere, then you would understand that contrails will not stretch out when the air is dry, but when its got the right levels of moisture & temperature , the exhaust vapour will span out, & sometimes jets will look invisible, as its called refraction of light,

  6. This is not a meteorite.Meteorite move in the atmosphere at speed of 35.000 kms/s and don’t take more than 6 second to burn.This is an airplane at high altitude that reflect the perpendicular sunrays at dawn.

  7. i to jest z 2004 roku. to teraz wyglada jak na filmiku wyzej;)

  8. how much do they pay you to come up with this kind of nonsense? Conspiracy theorists are exist to make money out of the fools…

  9. yes. I see that same image every day, thats clearly a jet trail. What else could it be? A sparrow on steroids? A crazy butterfly with gas? No, it cant be, the logical explanation is a jet trail and some drunk hillbillies spotting it as something else. Case you’re wondering about ppl’s stupidity, go read about that time jupiter and it’s moons where mistaken by a UFO….

  10. No it is not meteorite * ia/press-releases/fraunhofer-r * researchers-monitor-rosat-reent * ry. html

    The German satellite ROSAT will this coming weekend, 22 or 23 October 2011, crashing on Earth. A few weeks ago an American satellite collapsed down on Earth. This satellite, with a total weight of about 6,000 pounds, fell apart over the Pacific Ocean. This caused the crash of these satellite on Earth no appreciable damage.

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