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Cool Shade Illusion


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  1. @aquaguy36
    1) It appears that the „white tile in shadow“ has same shade as „dark tile in light“
    2) The gray card was move from the „shadow“ to „light“. If the gray card moves out of the shadow it would become brighter as well. This implies that the two tiles have the same intrinsic colour, as long as the same amount of light fall on them. This sounds contradicting with 1) as we thought the tiles were in different light
    3) Thanks TheDizzy102 for pointing out that the „shadow“ was painted!

  2. @FloatingOnAZephyr

    I don’t need to watch it any more. The optical illusion is perfectly fine, and I get it! Really, I do. But the video is altered when the tile in the shade (a light tile) is moved into the light and shown to be the same colour as a dark tile. If you think about it, what would the floor look like without the shadow?

  3. @stanrcox Look at the template linked to in the description.

    The shadow is drawn on the surface. The cylinder is only there to make the shadow appear plausible.

    The darker tiles in the centre are not the same as the dark tiles in the ‚light‘.

  4. Pause the video at 0:35 , get a piece of paper, make 2 holes on it so you can only see that 2 squares. Look at the video with the rest of the squares hidden and OMFG THEY’RE REALLY IN THE SAME COLOR! WHOAAAW! OMFG! NOhoho WAAAY! LOOL!

  5. Interesting illusion indeed.

    The whole cylinder/ shadow is just a distraction, so ignore that.
    It’s evenly litted, the shadow has nothing to do with it.
    The squares are ‚painted‘ darker in the middle.

    The darker squares and the light squares from outside are both darker in the middle. Making the inside light square ‚equally dark‘ as the outside dark square.

    Making them equal tint wise to ’switch‘.

  6. *****READ THIS!!!!****





  7. @stanrcox I’ve read and understood it well from the first place 🙂 Still, the video is not a fake. Google after „grey shade illusion“ and look on the image resembling the construction made in the video.

  8. @ratoiu2000
    Like I already said, the illusion is real.
    The video however, is ‚altered‘ because the tile in the shadow was MOVED into the light. Therefore the two tiles that are compared cannot be the same colour. The illusion only works when one tile is in the shade and the other is in the light.

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  10. I’m wondering if this video is fake…? Could I request another version is made where we see if the colour of the girl’s bush changes when she opens her legs whilst sat on the board?

    I’ll save judgement until then. Thanks in advance.

  11. @LiPhTs i’m right here. FAKE!!! the square is made out of a polarizing film that gets darker in the light and lighter in the dark. they are CLEARLY not the same shade. prove it to yourself: do a save-screen (alt-prntscrn) then past it into paint or photoshop or whatever you got. do a very simple cut of either one and move it atop or to the side of the other. see? different shades.

    yeah, fake.

  12. this illusion is irrelevant in the real world, the shadow is painted on which in turn ruins this, you cant eyedropper colors from the real wold, maybe they would be the same shade if the shadow was real, but as soon as you move it, nope

    of course it’s the same color, they painted it with the same color
    fuck this

  13. Thats my whole point lol. Its not interesting because it is so obvious… I mean obvious to anyone with half a brain.

  14. You are seriously dumb like everyone else commenting on this vid. What else could this trick be??? Its a different shade of light caused by the shadow. THATS ALL! Stay in school people.

  15. This is a video for illusions, not picking up women. And just saying, she is pretty normal looking so you could find women like her anywhere.

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