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Bad Games Review – The Town With No Name


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  1. Ironclaw just finished the FULL VERSION of this game…painfully uploaded by cubex55. Looks like it’s time to ‘purae For a Few Dollars More (We Could’ve Made A Game)!

  2. On another video you can actually understand what “Old Timer” says at the beginning, a very distorted “Do you know where you are, sonny?”, but here the audio cuts out at “sonny”.

  3. That’s really cool, Jim! I found this site called neobux (dot) com that said it would give me money for free, but it was a total rip off! I then went to BIGBUX (dot) com and was making 10 dollars a week just by clicking links, wow!

  4. @ophios I was actually thinking of something entirely different. I’m not a huge fan of weegee either, but I think that it would be a cool idea if when a character dies in a youtube poop it shows the clip of Retarded Abraham Lincoln as a homage to this crappy game.

  5. It’s 2:20 AM. I’m about to go to sleep and I am legitimately scared of what my dreams might look like now, nevermind the fact that I am definitely already scarred for life now.

  6. please tell me someone didn’t actually put a price tag onto this game…please tell me this was just something some group put together on the weekend for shits and giggles…

  7. The graphics on the original Oregon Trail were better, and I played that on a computer that only had had black and green for colors.

  8. I can’t believe there are games this bad that exist. I was cracking up from the retarded Abraham Lincoln. XD Love you guys~!

  9. The thing that pisses me off the most about this game is that it goes for the humor route because it knows it’s terrible. But, I get the feeling, especially at the beginning, they were going for something serious, and halfway through realized it was terrible, and decided that instead of actually fixing it, they said look it’s retarded, so it’s funny.

  10. Imagine if the guys who made Backwater Gospel remade this game… I would suspect that the Preacher here might partially resemble the one from Backwater Gospel. Maybe the Blacksmith would have a harmonica that would play the theme of that Undertaker…

  11. Athelstan was apparently the name of an Anglo Saxon King and hero. Little did this man know that his name would be placed in such a piss poor game such as this. The King must be rolling around in his grave.

  12. Welcome to Braindead City! Population no one cuz we don’t have enough intelligence to legally exist!


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