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Cat Barks Like A Dog


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  1. this is just too funny….I LOVE IT!!! it just shows that our pets have little personalities, too!!, maybe he thought that by barking, he sounded tougher?? LOL

  2. @paokole2
    I think each person is responsible for the comment
    Everyone is free in his beliefs but you must respect others
    I am a Muslim
    I respect all religions
    I hope to leave the racism is bad

  3. @DiamondGlitter21

    1.) Hating on a religion is not racism. Muslim is not a race, just like Christianity isn’t a race.

    2.) Arguing about religion on a stupid cat video is retarded. Stop it.

  4. I love how when the cat looks behind itself to see why a light came on, it slowly goes back to meowing and then looking back out the window like, “SHIT! MY PLANS HAVE BEEN FOILED AGAIN! D: “

  5. @Razzy123 you cannot possibly believe there is no God! It’s impossible to prove a negative! Ok i’m just being a douche now. if anyone has any ideas on how I can teach my cat to bark like a dog please get in touch

  6. @InnerSmile72 Of course you can prove a negative, I can prove it simply with the example that you have no intelligence, my proof – you believe in religion.

  7. This reminds me of the Tom and Jerry cartoon where Tom is mocking Spike and then realises he’s standing behind him.

  8. This sweet cat i’s so amazing,really clever.I like when it’s caught in the act ,so funny cute. My dog barked when hé heard that (cat barking).

  9. Привет! Как можно связатса ц Тобой? Мы хотели покозать видео в нашем TV шоу.

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