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Full Scale Vancouver Riot 2011


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  1. Makes me miss American riot police brutality. Nothing breaks up a mob of restarted sports fans like good ol’ fashion tear gas, night sticks, merciless beatings, and water cannons!

  2. The riot were caused not only because the game losing. But it also showed that young people dissatisfied with the incompetent government and serious social problems ( tax increasing , fees increasing, extreme disparity between the rich and the poor, police violence { ex: killing an armless immigrant in the airport } , poor people cannot borrow money from the greedy bank ( only rich people can borrow ) , the most pricey houses in the world, jobless , inflation …etc.

  3. People went down their with the intentions of starting shit. They wanted another 94. Some stores border up windows in advance, go call. The city was not built for crowds this large.

  4. 80% of Canadian male population are GAY! And you know that Gay people are emotional and get frustrated really fast. The pain they experience while taking it from behind destabilizes their character. This is nothing new or strange at all. Happens very often in Canada…

  5. What does this say to the future of humanity? 20 years olds, my peers, destroying things recklessly for absolutely no reason, other than the fact that they don’t under stand their own repression. Real education would help, but unfortunately, our knowledge is repressed as well..symptoms of the system’s diseases.

  6. Most of the charges according to the VPD have been laid against young, suburban males. Canuck fans not anarchists. Time to look in the mirror Vancouver.

  7. @punkfan1596 ok let me spell this out for you I can tell your Special. You said because you can hit in hockey your not pussies but canadians invented the game therefore making you PUSSY

  8. @ punkfan1596 nunca me dijo que jugó al baloncesto, no sé si es porque el canadiense que usted no entiende lo que estoy diciendo o si es porque el de 13 años de edad, pero estoy hablando de hacer esto con usted. Adios (bye)

  9. This is all because their team lost? Thats insane. I hope their team never wins another game again!!! They deserve it. “Hey we lost, so lets go blow up a few cars!” Dumb…

  10. @andrtaker lol the funny thing is that in list of the top 10 best citys in the world,in terms of living in, like 7 of them are canadian citys and vancouver is at number 1. i agree that this was a bad move by the people of vancouver and it made them look stupid, but canada is still way better then the US.

  11. @TheJP888 I disagree with your reasoning for the riot. What I see is a bunch of criminal opportunist, they felt invisible in the pack and encouraged by those who joined in with them.. They are pathetic in their cowardliness, and deserve nothing but disdain.
    Life in Canada is good, but humans are not happy with food shelter and clothing, we cry like babies if we don’t have it all. We are not happy with having what we need, we are to busy whining .” I want I want” …

  12. @ohyeah0418 Oh please .. “those riotters arent true Canucks fans”. Ive heard that bullshit excuse for over 9000 times and I am pissed !

    I guess if it were Americans or “imports” that did the riots, the huge Canucks crowd behind would have done quick work of these supposed “hooligans”. But no, as usual, you sat on your ass, drinking and taking a shit around those rioters like if it was a party. The next day, you cleaned your crap because you knew the world saw the mess u did on a massive scale.

  13.  I don’t get it either, but some sports team’s fans do this after the WIN, take LA Lakers fans for an example, they routinely trash their … so I would say it has LESS to do with win or lose, and more to do with the mentality of the people rioting. I think it’s an injustice to their teams and their cities to call them “fans”

    I think degenerate hooligans is more suitable, every major city has them.

  14. @SuperRandom3333 really lets see, damage done here is 20x worse than la, also its hockey no one cares aobout hockey, also nba= black ppl wich were taking advantage of the situation, not a bunch of civilized ppl acting up for no reason

  15. I don’t think this actually had anything to do with hockey; I think it was just a whole lot of boozed up people looking for shit to break. Sorry for replying to a four month old comment!

  16. WHAT!! IS ARE WORLD COMING TO are poeple who like making things bad and thy are SHOUD BE SHOT IN A WAY OR SOME SHOULD BE DONE SO THY CAN DO IT AGAIN weeell sending them down do NOT!! work at all WE NEED!! JUDGE JUDY in UK then thing will better!!!and etc WE NEED JUDGE JUDY.

  17. honestly i know this comment is a year old but go fuck yourself, you guys suck at fucking hockey and the winter olympics, be more respectful next time you fat fuck of a stupid american

  18. ya, america’s national sport is hockey and canada is lacrosse… canada has far better hockey players….. sorry

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