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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Says Europe Is ‘Stealing Iran’s Rain’


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  1. dowlate moamelagare va qadare irani hae kasif ba Armanestan naft rawan mekonad va barae mardome be gonahe AFGHANISTAN raket va marg rawan mekonad marg ba shoma akhond hae kasif va be namoos ke ma mardome afg salhast ke dar bad bakhti qarar darem chora ke amsaya hae mesle shoma va pakistan darem az khodawand arzo daram ke sarasare iran ra khon va atash begirad marg ba shoma kasif ha namosalman ha ………

  2. احمقی دلقک جرات نداره توی ایران نطق بکشه حالا باید این کوس وشعرها رو زربزنه

    کوس کش بی ناموس بی شرف عقده ای کافیت نبود دو هفته قایم شده بودی

    خاک برسر خرت تو هم ریس جمهوری که هیچ حقی نداری

  3. @TheTaberLion I agree with you except to add that this regime can be worse than Hitler because how evil Hitler was, he didn’t want an end to humanity. These maniacs with their end-of-the-world prophecies truly want WWIII and an end to humanity in the return of their imaginary “hidden imam”

  4. Is this the great leader who owned americans in his speech in Columbia, according to his admirers??’???
    Oh, wait when asked why Iran kills queers he tried to change the subject and then said they didn’t exist in Iran…
    Guess a clown attracts clowns.
    A loser said his speeches were better than Bush.
    A rational person say he is dumber than Bush.

    Oh, yes. That clown also believes 9/11 is inside job (South Park show describe 9/11 conspiracy people as retards: comments aren’t needed).

  5. @TheSasss1 Of course, he’s definitely wrong about the weather patterns. There is no such thing as “wind goes from west to east”. He’s obviously a moron with no idea about wtf he’s talking about.

    BUT we can make clouds rain artificially, correct? If so, then technically, a county that has the clouds floating above it, could turn them into rain if they wanted to.

  6. @unknownguy123123 Because President Bush was a great President who liberated two nations and the fact that America is a democracy and not run by totalitarian, terrorist, and end-of-the-world religious maniacs. His only mistake was going to Iraq instead of Iran – Iran would have been much easier and supported by the vast majority of the populace.

  7. @skepticaldemocrat Exactly my friend! The “Bush is stupid” or “Bush is evil” rhetoric is mainly for the pea-brained and stupid. What can disagree with him and his policies; but those who make such thoughtless comments are generally very stupid people indeed.

  8. @TheSasss1 Sad isnt it?
    The atheist militant Christopher Hitchens supports Bush and his war against Terror (and he knows how to do it with facts and reason).
    He said that people love to call BUsh stupid to have to feeling they are smarter than the president (search in youtube)… But the support this ahmadinejad buffoon shows, as well 9/11 imaginary truth”, shows how “smart” they are…

  9. @TheSasss1 Bush did lots of wrongs but i wont hate him for smashing 2 of the worst dictatorships in world. But people who never lived without freedom do… Some people were born to be slaves. They should go to the muslim world talk with poor “resistance” fighters to see how “poor guys who are forced to massacre” they are. I stop defending muslim fanatics when I met them… 😛
    The philosopher Foucault supported Khomeini: he thought islam defended homosexuality (he was queer)! Bush is way wiser…

  10. @swizzyland2 Because this guy is an animal and does not represent the Iranian people. This regime is illegitimate and does not serve the purpose of the Iranian people. They kill the Iranian people.

  11. @TheSasss1
    Oh well I wouldn’t know how to judge him as i dunno the views very much of the iranian people but I was judging him on his bravery and how he looks the US in the eyes. I mean how many leaders talk of ruining Israel today. That would be a dream come true. But I get you I’m from Pakistan and know how it feels like to have shitty leaders.

  12. @swizzyland2 Such comments from you are quite naive. Do you forget the 2009 protests in which hundreds of Iranians died and thousands were imprisoned and millions went to the streets to protest the barbaric and illegal regime which has destroyed our once great nation?? In fact, look at every Iranian who has responded to this thread. Nearly every Iranian hates this illegal regime which has destroyed our nation – I just spent 8+ months in Iran from Tehran to Shiraz – this regime is illegal

  13. @swizzyland2 and kills our youth. In fact, he is not brave at all. It is not brave to have fellow Iranians killed and rape for simply wanting freedom; it is cowardly. In fact, the vast majority of Iranians are pro-American so it is actually a slap in the face on the will of the Iranian people. We also have no problem with the state of Israel. In contrast, we have a problem with the money that is supposed to go to the Iranian people and the Iranian nation instead of going to terrorists worldwide

  14. @swizzyland2 including those in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. We want Iran to succeed and grow and do not want an illegal and end-of-the-world maniacal regime to start wars in Israel and to continue to rape Iranians on all fronts in making the country in even more despair and horror. In fact, we truly have no problem with the existence of the state of Israel and despise the Islamic Arabs and the culture that has ruined our once great nation. In contrast, I understand you are from

  15. @swizzyland2 Pakistan and I think you should start questioning your ISI and why you have so many links to Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists and why the ISI continues to work with terrorists instead of supporting the fight against terror. You should start questioning the ISI and the knowledge they had in harboring Bin Laden for so many years. You should start questioning your population in why they don’t support the U.S. action in Pakistan in killing Bin Laden. Iranians are sick of

  16. @swizzyland2 the Islamic culture that has ruined our once great nation; the only positive element of this regime the past 30+ years is that once Iran finally becomes liberated; the role of Islam in a future and free Iran will be disseminated and Islam has no role in a future and free Iran.

  17. @Molossian lolololol…Mullahs in Iran say that if “women don’t cover-up properly” that “Allah will cause an earthquake as punishment” lololol…one of Khamenei’s closest advisers said this several months back

  18. @skepticaldemocrat “Atheist militant”??? Christopher Hitchens’ is a hero for speaking on rationality and logic. I don’t know how you can call him an “atheist militant” when he has no inklings for violence in his soul.

    But I agree with you; I can disagree with Bush on many issues and do (I am a moderate Democrat); but for bringing democracy and freedom through his “freedom initiative” policy is something I feel that we can applaud. In addition, critical thinking is necessary in which

  19. @skepticaldemocrat many of the left simply doesn’t do; following party lines instead of thinking for oneself is naive and stupid just as Christopher Hitchens’ has demonstrated regarding the war on terror.

  20. @swizzyland2 Your respect is not needed. Islam has ruined our once great nation and has brought murder, genocide, and chaos. Islam inherently violates human rights and in particular women’s rights. We Iranians have learned the hard way and again; we don’t need the respect of Pakistanis.

  21. @TheSasss1 You didnt get it: when an atheist militant supports a born-again Christian against a ideology, THEN that ideology (islam) MUST BE REALLY BAD! I mean, one of the biggest atheist philosophers is always defending Bush against Islamic terrorism: something is bad with these terrorists who made 2 opposite guys to join against them.
    Oh, i will continue to applaud him: pathetic how alleged (and self proclaimed) “freedom” lovers/fighters hate him for that….

  22. @skepticaldemocrat I understand you but all i am saying is that I wouldn’t consider Christopher Hitchens’ an “Atheist Militant”. I would consider him a “staunch atheist” or “anti-theist” but not an “Atheist Militant”. But I agree with you on the point you are trying to make! Too many “liberal atheists” bend over to the filth of the Islamic faith in their blind hatred for the west without realizing Muslims want to kill atheists first and foremost!!

  23. @TheSasss1 Why not?
    Pathetic how these “liberal atheist” are say religions are crap but they defend pisslam. Only christianity is attacked. All other faiths are ignored or defended, mainly pisslam. Only our traditions and conventions are attacked. Marrying children, wives must be submissive? Its they culture, who are we to judge bla bla? Inour contries is “fascists, medieval age!”
    These guys hurt more than help.
    Intelligent atheists like Hitchens & Ali Sina (your countryman) are our hope.

  24. @TheSasss1 Many of the left only say same old clichés about war, islam, sex, politics etc. because thats easier than thinking by themselves.
    When Berlusconi`s sex scandal happened I saw people complaining about puritanism & how they should worry with Mafia. I told them he was tried once because connections to mafia but he got immunity for being PM.& the scandal included lying to police to releasing his robbing mistress.They were surprised with that: they were thinking it was just fake-moralism!

  25. @skepticaldemocrat I agree. Hypocrites on both sides of the aisle but it irks me on the left because these are people who claim that they “value human rights” and that this ideal is the most important thing for them but they are quick to allow genocide to happen rather than to have America and the international community assist people in democratic transition and regime change. I agree with you my friend on your commentary.

  26. @TheSasss1 You really are Iranian! No one in western world would glorify so much freedom and democracy! Only people in oppressed countries do that. I met in my land people saying europe states are dictatorships, despite they were never jailed for attacking and insulting our politicians! I also met people who whine they are “slaves” in their well-paid jobs…
    They should go to Middle East or China to see REAL tyrants & stop being so spoiled.
    Keep showing the truth, my friend.We need it! 😉

  27. @skepticaldemocrat I feel you brother. I consider those type of people masochists; living in the west, enjoying the fruits of the west, and making ridiculous claims such as the ones you mentioned. In regards to rationalists, fortunately we have other outspoken atheists who speak out against the fundamentalist nature and evils of Islam including Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins (Sam Harris has spoken out on it substantially more than Dawkins) search him on youtube!

  28. @skepticaldemocrat But again, believe me brother, I feel you and I appreciate your kind words. As both an Iranian and an American I am truly to experience both sides and appreciate the secular republican values of our nation (U.S.). Recently, I spent over 8-months in Iran as my grandfather had a heart attack and let me tell you; it is suffocating and oppressive to be in a society like that. I could just look at the people in the eyes and see they were living zombies who have died on the inside.

  29. @skepticaldemocrat And I forgot to mention the beautiful intellectual who has risked her life for the cause: Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali. You know about her right? Former Muslim from Somalia – ran away from arranged marriage and moved to Netherlands eventually becoming Dutch politician and she made a short film on Islam in which her film director got murdered with a note attached to his body for her…she is an atheist too 🙂 She is a STAUNCH critic of Islam as a former Muslim.

  30. Yes, this summer in Norway i think we are stealing the rain, ha ha. And i think there is somthing with the weather modification they all talking about…..

  31. They better listen to this man. He knows about cloud seeding and Haarp. Now we see them sending ELF waves creating EARTHQUAKES. Praying for Iran.

  32. People who blindly follow the world need to be lead off to slaughter quickly. They take up too much space. God bless free thinkers!

  33. “These thugs and hooligans are the very enemies and killers of the Iranian people and Iranian nation. ” – Yes, BUT They are the enemies of THE IRANIAN PEOPLE + THE WEST + THE FAR EAST! In summary, THEY ARE THE ENEMY OF ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH WHO LIVES OR WANTS TO LIVE WITH DEMOCRASY, FREEDOM AND EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL!!!


  34. He is not an idiot. It is called chaff sprayed from planes via chemtrails that are designed to attach to water droplets t

  35. He is not crazy it us called chaff ,aluminum barium strontium made to attach to water droplets firmi g a premature cloud.and steered by HAARP

  36. Open your mind, these things actually happen. Technology is further ahead then we are told in the mainstream media. I don’t trust the mainstream media, they propagate falsehoods and socially engineer things for nefarious reasons.

  37. The technology of cloud seeding has been utilized since 1946. Vincent Schaefer of General Electric Labs was the pioneer in this regard. They use this technology in airports, to decrease hail and fog. But it can easily be used to make the cloud drop its load in a different area than intended by nature, causing drought in the targeted area.

  38. the most evil terrorists on the planet did 9/11 and it was not muslims and it was not ahmadenijad. this same synagogue of satan is possibly capable of doing exactly what is referred to in this video.

  39. chemtrails?
    i live in northerngreece and 5 days ago at thursday i was swimming with crystal clear blue sky in the morning but as time went by i noticed for the first time in greece multiple planes producing trails everywhere.
    since friday we had 4 days of the biggest rainfalls ive ever noticed in greece without stop.
    today is ok but it makes me thinking about what the iranian said


  41. Tropospheric Aerosol Program. We hardly see a clear sky these days. Just hazy, stringy clouds and persistent cross patterns, chemical rainbow-sun and moon halos.This summer was the worst I have ever seen it. We were told “Siberian Wildfires”. The rain has been persistent, since the fukushima radiation (dump). The Chem spray continues here on the west coast of America. #UN Agenda 21

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