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Breaking News: Rapture 2011 – Finally There – People Are Vanishing! Lol?


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  1. It seems that there is another group on the scene with a new perspective on Camping’s prophesies. They make a compelling statement that „Jesus is here now.“ Check out a video about their billboard which I think will stir the pot a bit. Search 0Y14YxNhj40 in youtube to see the video

  2. omg even tho its not may 21 its june 1 im starting to shake omg!!!! OMFGGGGG Calls 411: HI im think im gonna die theres a earthqauke!!!! omg im sorry it was from my enchiladas i had for lunch XD

  3. OMG! My left sock just dissapeared! The mosquito that was in the bathroom is missing! The pizza man that dropped off my lunch is gone! OMG my tapeworm just told me Charlie Sheen is still here!

  4. Hilarious… i know this is picking on camping. He was a false prophet and Christ predicts false prophets. The rapture will happen though. Keep our eyes on Israel. Its all unfolding. Repent and turn to Jesus Christ our loving God. 🙂

  5. EVERYONE will be gone in the TWINKLING OF AN EYE It won’t be something that happens over time, those left behind will look and millions will be gone just like that. Some 99 trumpet blasts are likely to precede the actual catching up of the Christians but it is uncertain. If that is the case, many Christians will know what is happening and they will be waiting for that „last trump“ at which time, they will all disappear to be with Jesus for ever and ever. Oh, I long for that day!

  6. A Catholic priest and a Southern Baptist minister are standing at a curve on a rural highway hammering a sign into the ground. In large, red letters the sign reads „Turn yourself around. The end is near!“ A speeding Ferrari comes flashing down the highway and the driver rolls down his window and yells at the two men, „Religious nuts!“ The car careens around the curb and…

  7. …the priest and minister hear the screeching sound of brakes, a large crash, followed by silence. The minister looks at the priest. „I don’t know, Father, but maybe we should change the sign to read „Turn around. The bridge is out.“


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  9. hahaha ..well well, isn’t that me 0:75 haha ohhh what a day that was ^_^; i were so surprised you can’t guess ! (lol what a bad lie)

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