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The Mysterious Kitten Or Bear Puzzle


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  1. 1/2 of disappeared kitten, i.e. paws of the 1st kitten, moves to the 4-th kitten with the flag. Another 1/2 of the disappeared kitten, i.e hat of the 6th one, moves to the 3rd kitten without upper part. So this 2 inferior kittens divide 1 kitten to become full-bodied )

  2. Я все понял.Дело не в первом коте на картинке B,точнее не только в нем.Дело в том что на картинках только 11 “полных” котов(ноги+нижняя часть головы+верхняя часть головы).Так вот когда картинки меняют-1)ноги отдают первому коту на картинке B 2)нижнюю часть головы отдают самому правому коту с книгой 3)а верхнюю часть головы отдают коту по середине с цветком в руках(до этого у него была шляпа).Вот одного кота и расчленили стало их 11:)

    Проплюсуйте чтобы люди видели.

  3. There are still 12 kittens. You forgot to count the one in a blue hat that is sitting/hiding behind kitten #3. That was the only one without eyes. So, hide my answer.
    :)) :))

  4. Simple minds can only do one of two things – either learn how to count to 12 or learn bad words as a substitute for an argument they are not able to make

  5. hey guys have u noticed the kitten below the B letter has no feet and the one near the bubbles is cut off a bit too …..hmmmmm…..?

  6. There are 11 faces. The one in the middle wearing the hat does not have a face but after the image is rearranged it gets a face. The hat moves to a bear with a face.

    SO when you count first time you are counting 12 bears but 11 faces cos one face is assumed it cannot be seen. When count the second time you count 11 bears and 11 faces but there no hidden faces so you only see 11 bears.

  7. It’s because of the hat. In the first situation the hat actually completes a cat, and in the second it’s just an accessory.

  8. If you pause at the ’11?’ part, have a look at the 5th cat from the left(bubble blower). He has two sets of arms, one pair going down behind his back, and the other holding the bubble blower.

  9. the kitten underneath the letter B doesnt have legs. that is why there is 11 kittens at the end.
    still a great puzzle though

  10. There’s another called the 12 person illusion, here’s how it’s done:

    Notice that the horizontal split cuts through the cats (people) at different levels. When you go from 11 to 12, at the split each one gets smaller. It’s because you took a piece of them and moved them to create a new character. At the complete ends (the head and feet) you’ll notice that there is not a replacement and are instead just completely cut off. Hope you understand, and thumbs up if you get it now!

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