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Metal Gear Stoned


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  1. shut up he didnt make this. if youre looking for cool stuff like this, go on newgrounds. if you need to know where to find theese animations, pm me and il pm u back about what theese r called.

  2. @HarryPartridge First of all great game, and the references are spot on for anyone who has ever played it! And I love how Valium (Diazepam, a Benzodiazpedine) acts as an intense hallucieogenic drug for Snake LOL! He must of never of touched any drugs back in the day LMFAO! Killer video, you are a genius….PS, I loved your American Akira one as well πŸ™‚

  3. They should have put this on the game. He takes to many diazepam pills and he starts to freak out. I‘ d be suprised if he actually killed a boss or an enemy soldier he thought was a birds or monsters etc.

  4. @DarkOmegaMK2 Easy answer, he took the diazepam and his shooting skills went good so he killed every enemy in the next 5minutes and then the side effects came. Logical aint it?

  5. @nightwacher100
    Read the description, moron. Harry made this as his contribution to the MGS collab, so I think it’s perfectly reasonable if he wants to share it via his YouTube channel as well.

  6. @DarkOmegaMK2 Not quite sure, but looking through Sniper Wolf’s perspective I’d wonder what was going on. Seeing him trying to take off his shirt and drooling on the floor -might- hesitate my shot as well.

  7. Hahaha Snake’s lost it XD
    Love all of your animations! πŸ˜€
    It would be awsome if you ever made a Super Mario (Nintendo) related animation xD Or even a Super Smash Brothers Brawl one XD Would be epic! Wish I had animating talent like yours! D:


  9. While diazepam isn’t ecstacy, I always found it weird that Colonel was basically saying, „Snake, use benzos to win. All that talk in the early 90s that winners don’t use drugs was bullshit. I would know, I was in ‚Nam.“

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