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Bicycle Skills – Danny MacAskill


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  3. Hey guys, i have a question, if you can, please answer.
    So, i’ve been doing „trials“ on my MTB for 2 summers, but still can’t hop on my back wheel, is that normal for a mountainbike, or is it that i just suck, plz answer thanks.

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  8. @BnpFootsoldier dude although i agree with you but that sounds like the plot to one of those dance movies but either way still a good point you made

  9. I’ve got an MTB and jump steps and whatever but there’s little point in practicing to be this good – it will never happen, I just try to be the best I can.

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  14. Seeing as this film is such a mix of art/intelligence and commerce, it will make the studios more willing to back intelligent movies. Coupled with the fact that there are some serious movie makers out there at the minute we could well be entering a golden age of Hollywood. I hope so!! Come too Patüly for this movie.

  15. I don’t see how anyone could dislike this. Even if you don’t like cycling, you have to admire the time & dedication taken to do this. Amazing video with an amazing song, well done inspiredbicycles, you have probably just made the best cycling video in the history of youtube.

  16. this guy is fucking awesome, he should get paid more than obama,lol ive watched this video about 100 times and it never gets old, fucking awesome. whoever disliked this video can go sit on ur fathers cock bcause u guys r on crack. this guy has some balls of steel, good fucking good job. Perfect song for this video too.

  17. Danny is amazing ill admit that but they say he does trials but its turned into a different bmx ride.
    check out the names rosstrials, invernessbikers on youtube.


  19. how does the freewheel on these bikes work? because several times he pedals backward to move the bike backward… and then coasts so he obviously has a freewheel but how does it allow him to pedal backwards?





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  23. Well… Thats certianlly 1 way to get around the place quicker aswell as having fun and showing off your skills. XD
    Really nice riding… Wish I was like that. ]=

  24. how can you not like this video whats not to like seriously ???? everyone who didn’t like this video should get half drown, then punch in the face 10 times by a boxer and then shot in both kneecaps. Then both their arms sawed off until they bleed to death.

  25. Complimenti, veramente complimenti per questo bellissimo bike’s video!! Azzeccatissima la musica e la sincronizzazione audio-video è perfetta! Ed è bello non solo la forma con cui viene presentato questo clip ma sopratutto il contenuto: le perfomance sono assolutamente straordinarie!! Molto bravo il ciclista e anche il cameraman che lo riprende molto bene anche in movimento.

  26. i thougt only wheely’s where possyble on a bike but this is so unbelieveble amazing!!!!!!!!!! i never seen this before. i looked on whole youtube, noone is better than him, danny macaskill 4ever!!!!!!! the 1675 guys who cklicked on dislike are stupid in their head and look at thie vieuws!! 20 mil, now go for 50 mil!!!!

  27. omg…. pepole can’t unlike this…. then they dont have respect from the wroldt best bik trail biker…. all i can say is that Danny MacAskill is the world’s best trail biker! and thats it :@

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  30. @machoslicer
    this isint bmx. its a mountain bike subcategory of „observed trials“ called „street trials“ its a extremely hard form of riding and demands the upmost skill. thats not even close to possible on a bmx bike. or for that matter anything else than a street trials specific bike.

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  34. Bollocks, Hunterman (about 5 posts below)
    Edinburgh is the coolest place on earth to ride bikes AND study theology!
    Had they been invented, it’s probable that Jesus would have taken a bicycle to Jerusalem instead of a donkey.
    Agape from Edinbugh

  35. topbox media are filming the design, build and first land speed record attempt for a 100% wooden bicycle.
    „No bolts or screws, just wood and glues!“ as Michael Thompson the bike’s creator says.
    View our profile to watch a short teaser to raise awareness and help raise some money for the charity „Shelter Box.“
    The resulting documentary will I’m certain be very, very entertaining…

  36. Ich bin auch leidenschaftlicher Biker…und war Kunstradfahrer…..aber das……

    der Typ ist der Hammer….ich knie nieder….!!!!

    in Anerkennung…!!!
    Marc Sigrist Munich Bavaria

  37. @BikeTrial1995 Haha, who the hell is DamEn Watson? Idiot.

    Those two may be to your taste more than Danny(I like their style more, too) but you can’t really say they’re better…

    Yeah Damon can sidehop like 61″ but Danny seems to appeal more to the public.

  38. This film is great revolution in the film industry. Lots of twists and turns and even some fantasy scenes will take you over, you will bask in every second of the film. Fast ending with lot of questions will left you waiting for the next part…I just can not wait for round-ass org to bring on the next one.

  39. @mahendratimi Are you on meth dude? What the f$?k, this video is amazing, human spirit remember?. promoting shit won’t give you any credential. Put the T.V on, sit back and watch Dancing with the Whores and forget about reality, you took the blue pill evidently. Peace out anyway.

  40. @Kamjared

    Totally! Probably some fking fat ass ppl that this vid has made them jealous by his awesome skillz and fun then they will never have because they are to lazy to start taking sports and make something out of themselves xD

  41. @FerrariF40freak Let’s not get carried away, FerrariF40freak.

    It was only an 8 stair to j-hop 180 manual j-hop 4-ft dumpter to manual 8 ft drop with 180 manual roll out.

  42. hey,

    I’m just here to learn it and I tell you this is so shit

    seriously …! I’ve had are starting 3 times a torn ligament

    is captured and me 2 times the broken wrist … if you think it easy

    then do not be pleased at the earliest

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