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How to do Arabic Makeup




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  1. Due to the many debates on this vid (not sure why) and the amount of mindless, rude, and racist comments, I am shutting down the comment option.

    We are all of the same human race- regardless of religion, cultural background, size, age, or color. The world would be a boring and sad place if everyone was the same- embrace the variety.

    One simple golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. And that’s all I’m saying on that matter.

    Stay beautiful MUGS! 🙂

  2. ok i feel stupid not to know about you til now!! where the hell was i !!??
    you are awesome! and the tape trick!! now i know how they do that straight line like that lol, ..subscribing!

  3. you’re the best make up person on youtube. you’re personable, funny, warm, and charming. And informative. It’s nice how you give tips on how to put on make up for people with small lids.

  4. but if you think about it she didnt put the scarf in a degrading way at all!! she just wanted to give the theme of arabic look in the pictures! you really shouldnt be offended by this! im arab and muslim and this doesnt offend me at all! because i know the lady didnt mean anything harmful by it! its really a silly thing to get offended by! and i think you just being defensive, because arab culture for most viewed negatively, thats why i think you thought the lady meant harm to arab people.

  5. marlenelaflaca: ring finger because it is the „weakest“ of the fingers and applies the least amount of pressure.. to care for the most delicate of our skin surfaces, around the eyes..

  6. I don’t think men really know what the hell we go thru just to look good.. I mean it.. pencil brush, dome brush, etc etc Do they know?? tape lines?? no! they have no clue! thank you Geek for making these videos, at least for the Arabic Black Liner!! Goodness!

  7. Just because you’re offended doesn’t mean it is offensive. It’s really pathetic that you’re insulted by someone wearing a simple accessory. Women of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds wear headscarves and headdresses. The inspiration for this video was the Arabic culture so she wore it to embody the theme. If the theme was french, maybe she’d throw on a beret. If it was spanish, maybe she’d throw on a mantilla. The headscarf is a cultural staple in the Arabic community–get over it.

  8. wow you are just wonderful and beautifully great at makeup!

    now i FINALLY have good tips! haha

    omg and did anyone tell you that you look like Alice Cullen from twilight a little? ^_^

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