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Madworld WII Trailer – Sin City Like Game – Cool


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  1. @kentonbomb84 lol, that was right on point. Wii forget that Nintendo makes very great products. I believe the only thing I can say I hate is the remote. Wii is great and it has very great games. Mad World is one, kinda VERY violent though!haha

  2. @JeReL19
    Platium games{sp?} just announced that they would like to make a second madworld. Just pray to god that it gets released for the Wii, however Sega announced about two months ago that they gave up on M rated Wii games. If they ever make a second madworld, I would like to have the choice of either playing the game with color or like the first Black and white.

  3. @OriginalGagBonkers I hope they do right by the first one and make an even better MadWorld. Either way if they do make the sequel it will lead to more sales of the first MW cause everyone will be as curious as they should have been the first time around, of course considering Wii owners don’t sell their Wii by then.

  4. All the songs for the game were made for the game. For all the tracks just google „Mad World Soundtrack“ or something along those lines and you’ll find them all. 😛
    Happy Hunting.

  5. Looks like your guys want to know the songs [badly i think]. So im going to help you out!!! The information is on wikipedia just type in „Madword“ It has the track list and some information of the music on the game.

  6. when will you realize the word wii exclusive means that the game is only on the wii because the controls wouldnt work on anyother system.“Mature games don’t sell on the piece of shit kiddie console Wii. “ i beg the differ with the more mature games being released on a system only opens itself to a mass audience to adults to be more exact plus its opens possibilities for more games like Mad World therefore making more money.

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