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Emo Girl Dolls Funny Video Fail Toys Review Video by Funny Mike Mozart


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  1. I fucking hate emo girls and I dont eveen need a reason to hate them!

    I hate them because they breath
    I hate them because they r stupid
    I hate them becuase they exist

  2. I love how the mass media protrays girls as preps. And when they try to make them „diffrent“ they fail at it. And hot topic isnt just for emos and not all people want to brand themselves as a stereotype such as „goth“ or „emo“. I cant believe i just watched a video of a grown man playing with toys….

  3. wth i mean fudge u u talk about „contraversial“ all the time and u r being WAY to contraversial, not all emo girls talk like that i dont and im about as emo as they get

  4. @b1a2y3k4a5y6 1. the term tool transcends gender. 2. your on youtube stereotyping yourself as „emo“ but i thought that whole thing was about breaking molds anyway?
    you think your a fucking nonconformist just because you conform to something that isn’t the most accepted social status. your a fucking idiot.
    fuck off cunt.

  5. Wow. It’s like whenever anyone says anything emo related, a fight starts. Why do people think they have the right to treat someone like crap just because they’re „weird“? I guess if they weren’t emo you people would be making fun of them for something else.

    As for the dolls… Maybe they’re emo on the inside? Or maybe whoever made them thought emo meant hip or something.

  6. ur being a fag. emo isnt about all that shit. theyre not even emo fyi. and wtf, emotionally charged? if they were, itd be super happy n shit. lmfaoo, emo is being yourself, its not about cutting or depression or shit. and wtf, seriously? hot topic? sure emo ppl like hot topic but…lyk…thats retarded. theyre…smiling and preppy. they. are not emo. wtf….?

  7. This is typical for Family Dollar. they peddle this crap for years. I should know i was a assistant manager here at one of the Arkansas stores. Its not just the toys are crap, But pretty much anything they sell. Their target consumers are low income families with the belief that a the poor are stupid.
    BTW aren’t Emos supposed to have their faces covered by their hair?

  8. if there emo the box shouldnt be white and colorful and they shouldnt be wearing thos cloths they should be wearing dark stuff and have pearcings every where lol

  9. i’m only like that sometimes, and even when i’m happy i like to go to hot topic because i found some cool mario shirts there and couldn’t resist! i also got a pucca shirt there, and pucca’s a really-happy-nearly-all-the-time girl!

  10. @Chaos290 The emo style evolved from (I can’t remember the name but..) the 80’s where people dressed in black and shaved half their heads and partly from Japan, it had nothing to do with Washington

  11. @healer1940 um…goth is a look and style….Emo is..well..yah..emotional..but…generally consistant of boys wearing girlpants and being overly sad (an emotion) and the whole whiney bit he’s portraying is quite an amusing thought of emo people. If you’re over emotional and whining about it…its pretty emo lol

  12. @Waterjewel1123
    They teach little girls to
    smile so they can get into depression
    and hie their sadness and angst
    so they can keep the emo thing going on
    so they can cut themselves in peace and
    no one will know
    except their emo myspace friends

  13. i find this offenseive on of my best friends is emo D:
    yall quit drinkin so much hatorade D:< also those girls r dressed way too preppy too b emo. they r an embarrasment πŸ˜›

  14. No we don’t just try to get attention,we are emo because it’s who we are, it’s your problem if you don’t like us because we don’t care what you or anyboby else think.

  15. @BrainFreezeism They’re sleeper EMOs πŸ™‚ They have normal clothes and normal makeup, but on their free time, they like to slit their forearms to sooth the pain πŸ™‚

    Or maybe one would actually buy EMO dolls that looked really EMO

  16. whoever created these ‚emo, emotionally charged teenage dolls‘ obviously didn’t do their research on what emo actually is, i can imagine grown men probably fathers in the toy industry coming up with this idea, clueless !

  17. Wow! X] how lame ish that? Seriously and the people who commented like „wrist cutting action“ and shit 1st-FUCK OFF emo is just three words witch mean nothing okay? and when people call someone „emo“ and say they cut thurr selfs its not true people who act like that not all of them cut so nehh! I love chu JeepersMedia dude πŸ˜€

  18. Too tan. Too unscarred. Too… Preppy. Emo is sooo not like this. They need to come with their own shard of glass or something.
    Jesus, lets at least bloody em up a little. Fuckin doller general lol cant even get emo right.

  19. hahahaha who hires the people that makes these? They look normal though, it’s justhe name that is rediculous lol What’s next Scene-Kiddy Barbie? With coon stripes, 80’s hair and short shorts! lololol

  20. @XxANATAGASUKIxX „Emo“ people are not „cool“. Any adult would feel sad looking at „emo“ people because they don’t have a life and they are desperate. Get a life.

  21. @shugochara78
    oooh! SO SERIOUS! XP hahah! dude omg!i mean the actual emo people dude have you even meet one i beet you havent….some of them are pretty kick ass dude like really…nd na i raather stay in my own little happy world.. =3 oh and shugoo chara is the shiz dude! XD LOL! =3

  22. OMG Im soooo sad and depressed after watching this oh hell im gonna go jump off the dang bridge, life with those Emo gilz must b so gr8 and I dont have a family dollar near bye T-T Wha wha wha actaully I luved this clip the best brah! Hella funny!

  23. This clip rocks I luv the jokes and all the depressedvoices Emos R us lol thats what amily dollar was that day! Mommy can I have some Emo irl please If u dont get me one Im gonna jump!

  24. @xxxxxScenexGirlxxxxx wow your so full of shit! and i gues you are „emo“? right, yeah thats pretty „emo“ of you to find this offensive when you „emos“ say its not „emo“ to say your „emo“

  25. @ninjabunnies4eva um yeah bitch its very „emo“ of you to call yourself that! go cut youself and die cuz you have daddy issues and your probobly a „Bisexual“ not beacause you are, but because you think its the „new“ „cool“ thing for „emos“ ʘʘ(boobs)

  26. those are deffently not emo ok those are fucking barbies i mean serouisly all of barbies look like theese prepy ass main stream hoes that are happy about be fucking plastic so who ever made thees dolls should spend a day with actual „emos“

  27. Fucking tell me about it, it’s the clothes for a start!
    i used to be an emo and it’s not like that, being an emo is being different from the crowd and expressing your feelings through poems and not hate

  28. @xxxxxScenexGirlxxxxx because I don’t know what the word whore means, right? thanks, but i do. and you could very easily be a whore. anybody could. and no, kay, don’t be a little bitch, it’s not always the parenting. some kids are just, whores. it happens.
    and no, you werent, but are you talking in a room alone with this other person, or talking on a website where anyone can comment?

  29. @soullxel Well I was taught that the word meant a stripper. I don’t know any 6th grade strippers. If you do, I feel very bad for them. But this guy was being rude anyways so I was a bit mad at him. I’m sorry.

  30. @xxxxxScenexGirlxxxxx no, it means prostitute or anyone who is willing to sell their bodies for money or anything, and grade 6’s WILL do that.
    my point is just, learn your facts before you talk about things you have no backbone for.

  31. twilight fangirls. look perfectly peppy, but really disgustingly sorry-for-themselves just because it’s in style. Like how people use ADD as a fashion accessory :/

  32. @soullxel Well I was taught different. I was trying to end this and now your trying to start? Well, sorry but I was just trying to end it. And I said nothing offensive so I have no idea why you are so worked up about this.

  33. @xxxxxScenexGirlxxxxx not at one point were you trying to end it. and my only problem is your name and the „yeah im emo“ part on your page, so i thought maybe THAT’S why you’re worked up on here.

  34. This Is A Win Because It Shows Emo People Arint Just The „I’m So Dull And Depressing, I Hate Life“ Sorta Of People. it Shows That Emo Kids Dont Have To Wear Black And Isolate Themselves. Its A Break Away From The Whole Stereotypes. I Wouldnt Buy It But I Like The Concept Of How They Try And Break The Stereotypes Of Emos

  35. I can sorta get trying to cash on this emo phrase that’s been going on lately, but what’s the point? They aren’t dressed in the typcal emo/goth style, and nothing really makes them different from other toys, they don’t even talk.

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