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Pooping Dog Barbie FAIL Toys Doll Funny Video Review Video


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  1. hang on a minute.. when they were in the product design brainstorm meeting.. i want to know who was it who said „hey I know!! a dog that eats its own shit!!“ and what was everyone else smoking when they all said „yeah!! thats the best idea so far, lets choose that one!“

  2. @Super2Donny lol….loved the end of yourcomment you were like ‚…but feeding the dog with the poop? and then you said ’shit’….i was like pun or no pun intended……your comment made my day…gotta love fail toys

  3. this is animal cruelty and a miss representation of a dog doing the business, especially when 10 turds explode out on to the floor, I don’t see any fun or educational activity with the dogs digestive process, more like a cruel joke, designed by cat people
    …then you force feed the turds in to the dogs mouth? wtf?!

  4. Theres something worse. They have a dog that when you flip it upside down, tic tac shaped brown stuff come out and IS EDIBLE!!! ITS A CANDY THING. I SHOULDVE BOUGHT IT.

  5. lol my sis got that thang but she gave it to me i play with it but i just threw barbie away and play with the dog untell the poop or food got lost but wen i got older i tor the dog apart to see whjat it looks like in side

  6. @windpunk12345 Here’s the answer to your question „How does poop stay together?“
    Soft poop is really one long continuous sausage before it comes out. It gets its link look because we pinch off lengths of it with the anal sphincter as it emerges. If a person pinches hard enough, the poop separates into several turd units. If u don’t pinch that hard, the turds may stay connected. If you can remain sufficiently relaxed, you can produce an awesomely long poop that will coil up inside the toilet

  7. I got dat on christmas…. Im nut a kid DX But it was kinda odd o.e What did they think!
    And the first time i saw it… I was sad because BARBIE didnt poop….. I was so dissapointed v.v And i still have it until this day 😀 But barbie kinda….Lost a few things and parts?

  8. i got this for my niece for christmas one year and my sister made me take out the „treats“ before i gave it to her. She said that giving magnets to a little kid wasn’t a good idea. and then they recalled the doll because of the magnets.

    it’s sad that companies have to assume parents are too stupid to realize these kinds of things. what’s even more sad is that they’re right.

  9. AWWWWW w8 it shit? WTF WHAT WOOD COCO PUFF SAY ABOUT THIS wall it leest it dosen pee THAT WOOD BE NOT RIGHT
    1:35 WOW EEEEWWW thats dog tocher ima call the spca on yo ass „Barbie“

  10. AWWWWW w8 it shit’s? WTF WHAT WOOD COCO PUFF SAY ABOUT THIS wall it leest it dosen pee THAT WOOD BE NOT RIGHT

    1:35 WOW EEEEWWW thats dog tocher ima call the spca on yo ass „Barbie“

  11. Prank- Buy those(about 10 of em) and take the „treats“ and place them in someones medicine canister. Get them to eat it and see what happens! (do this do enemies ONLY)

  12. @WILDHOR5E o3o YAAAAAAAAY xD OH! I GET IT! You’re forcing the dog to open his mouth, so you yank it up and the dog yelps and you feed it aspirin xD it then shits them out xD

  13. My sis would wow a dog that eats it’s on shit wonderfull omg i had my hands ontop of the box and my dumb ass leaned and bust my ass I fucking fell it hurt lol Mattel has a prob if ur makeong a dog that eats it’s own shit I swear if u buy this u have no life I swear 2 gucking god u have no life I. Should kill u and if I find u I will lol jk jk

  14. i had one my mom looked up toys with led in them she say one like this toy but it was not the toy !YAY FOR ME! i got rid of mine because i turned 10/2 im born on feb 29 2000 my bro lolz at all ur vids and so do i and i am typing to much srry i am a chatter box! ok i will stop typing now……I TAKE IT NO MORE GOOD DAY SIR!!!!!!!!!!

  15. @nathanalex4444

    That doesnt even make any sense. Not that crust old right wingers usually do anyway.

    P.S. I’m going to get the government to steal your social security check.

  16. i remember laughing at the commercial because it was so ridiculous. speaking of how hard it is to get toys out of the box, i remember whenever i bought a new toy, like a power ranger action figure, i would pretend that character was imprisoned by all those wire ties, lol

  17. @squeeky95 1. I was exaggerating 2. There is protein and important vitamins that can only be obtained by eating meat (or if you just take them as pills) 3. You said that eating poop is better than eating an animal so therefor you are implying that you would rather eat poop (the word „vegetable“ was not even used in your last statement).

  18. Smart choice growing facial hair to cancel out your bald head faggot. Hey those glasses are pretty cool, if you like to sit at home alone and watch Startrek all night. Jesus christ can you shut the fuck up, my god you talk so much. Why the fuck are you reviewing children’s toys you sick fuck. Do you get off to children while you sit at the park? Are you in your moms basement? I don’t know whats sadder you reviewing horrible toys or your increased self esteem from people subscribing to you.


  20. wait.. you feed the poop back to tanner? O-o i hope i heard that wrong XD
    i got a toy like that when i was like 5, but *gag* the „poop“ was edible, and it was a pig, and you lifted up its head. >_< the toys now adays are absolute crap-headed fails

  21. This is going too far! Mattel is over the edge, they criticize Midge for being pregnant and pull her off the shelves but this dog just demonstrated canine constipation releif and how rovers bowels work….geeez. Wonder if Mattel knows what an M.R.I. machine is for?.

  22. @SoccerBteamyo I know what’s sadder. The fact that you have nothing better to do with your time than to leave comments like this. Seriously, even I have better things to do than that.

  23. i had a fight trying to get furby out of his box too…
    then the original furby had to have 8 battery……. i was shocked…
    on Christmas day – we had to go out and find four more batterys

  24. I have this toy! I got it for my ninth birthday. Man, it’s gross. LMAO. My mom made me throw out the pooper scooper because of the recall, and I accidentally stepped on Tanner and broke him, so all I have left is Barbie…and the poop treats…xD

  25. my new goal is to find the most racist,peverted,wrong,disease infested barbie doll i can find just to wait for it to be recalled and sell it on ebay…but i guess matel is trying to keep it clean now

  26. Ich glaub ich mus k*****n… -.-
    How ugly IS this? A poop- eating dog? What are you doin´ when you see something like this on the street? You´re turnin´ around and try not to throw up! And they made a f*****ing doll outta it! O.o

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