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Newsroom: Hollow Point Bullets Recalled That Fail To Explode Targets


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  1. The comments made on this video are offensive to legal gun buyers. People buy guns and ammo to hunt, protect their families against unknown threats like robbers and terrorist. Gun buyers ALL want to protect the 2nd amendment why would they just randomly want to shoot people on the street and who cares about the capabilities of the hollow point.

  2. @vedog02 you make me want to randomly shoot you on the street for making assumptions and claims that are fine for conversation, but if taken in a court of law, would be treated for the bat-shit that it is

  3. When I was your age, we didn’t have spiked clubs are cars to kill people with let alone newfangled bullets.

    If we wanted to kill someone, we used our bare hands, just like a real man would.

  4. killing is’nt enough, a geyser of blood and brains is indispensably.
    1000 times sorry. Wound..smaller as a plump, is of course unacceptable.

    realy sick, macabrely

  5. Tv has made you americans so stupid that if they say eat shit you do it with a big smile on your face go read a book or something. P.s all of you. and i mean All of you need to see a shrink couse you are a real danger to society,you should all be locked up

  6. @superhight2 dont steriotype a country im the exact opposite of what you said about us i dont like my goverment and dont like the media either all they do is pump you full fear and violence and they need to consume im an american i wonder about greece is there a right to bear arms a right to say whatever you want to say cause cause we got that over here micro dick

  7. @NARFNra Yes many weapons can kill from 300 feet with ease. Many hunting rifles are sighted in at 100 yards = 300 feet, Handguns as well. Some rifles are capable of kill shots from 1.5 miles. (8121 feet = 2707 yd = 1.54 miles) The .45-70 in 1879 was capable of hitting targets at two miles! (google:The Sandy Hook Tests of 1879)

  8. What we need is to „accidentally“ ship some hollow point ammo to our soldiers in the Middle East. By Geneva Convention, you can’t use hollow points in combat… and the 5.56mm rounds from an M4 rifle don’t put the enemy down quickly enough.
    Maybe we could send them some of those „Inferno“ bullets. 🙂
    The Onion is sometimes a little too close to the truth to be real satire. They’re more accurate than FOX News, anyway.

  9. Its kinda funny that people are threatening to invade the country and kill all of us when they just watched a commercial they thought was real that featured defective bullets that left en exit wound as small as a plumb….and they waste their time calling us dumb……*gives Darwin Award*

  10. @taylorross1690
    In texas, someone breaks into your house, you can shoot them dead. In chicago, they don’t want you to own guns. The crime is so high here. You have gangs killing little children.

  11. finally we are beeing compensated… my victims had exit wounds even SMALLER than a pea… I mean come on, I buy a bullet, expect a certain outcome and then this?!?!?!?!?!? I am so furious, and so is the person next to me I just shot… Both of us demand compensation for the damage that has been done to us.

  12. CNN figures they gotta do stories on such crap. What bullets don’t kill as it is you wanna watch the guts fall out? ffs CNN do you ever have anything good to report???

  13. LOL, this is so funny!!! I can’t believe some of you guys actually think this is a real news report. Steel Hawk is not a real brand and neither is onion news. This is all fake. It’s all for laughs and meant to look real as possible. If you read the bulletin at the end it says „New penis enlargement pill works by making all non-penis body parts smaller.“ Some of you guys are so damn gullible!

  14. Man thats so funny. I am so glad I live in Canada, Im pretty sure I would get shot for laughing at losers who think they are tough because they can hide behind a gun. In all honesty I enjoy shooting a few targets myself and ensuring I acctually have the skill to aim and shoot it, but there, you have to for your own protection. Thats so terrifying. Especailly since you dont have it covered by your health care.

  15. i know that when someone shoots someone they want to see his liquified organs pour out of every hole in his body. give us another chance, and we will give you the lung shreddingist bullets on the market.

  16. whats funny is, hollow points actually depending on gun have a lower kill capacity then full points since the shockwaves from larger caliber, or higher velocity rounds tend to kill more then the actual damage.

  17. Onion News IS real!
    My Uncle Ed told me his 3rd cousin Wilma told him her Aunt Bee said her sister in law Thelma told her she hearded from her 2nd cousin Billy Bob that was told by his 4 cousin Leroy who had a friend Jethro that was interviewed by that Onion News.
    Jethro was hit by a train. He got up from that, but stumbled the wrong way and got hit by another train coming the other way. He still managed to get up & tried to stumble home but Sheriff Bo saw him & beat him with the club.

  18. @the5hattered Sheriff Bo beat Jethro cuz Jethro was stumbling about with blood on him & not able to answer questions too well & sheriif thought he been hitting the shine
    So Sheriff Bo locked Jethro up where he died in jail. But he STILL made that interview. It wuz wunna them parinormal interviews,not that Jethro was ever normal to begin with.
    But there you have it-Uncle Ed NEVER lies so Onion News is REAL!

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