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Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews!


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  1. i agree with every word of this if there your real friends you can talk to them in person or on the phone i I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE WHO BRAG ABOUT THE FRIENDS and always update every minute GOD i hate facebook i hate twitter i hate every site like that

  2. hilarious lmao twittering is so overrated really who wants to hear about other peoples unfortunet life i mean twitter is just a way for people to brag about there pointless everyday lives

  3. ima go twitter about how i put ms.butterworths syrup in waffles instead of my regular kind!! cant wait!!! everyone will be amazed and not have anthing better to do!!!!!!

  4. @Nevorad
    I suppose you’ve got a point. But Twitter is nothing but the „What’s on your mind?“ dealy on Facebook. At least other networking sites provide other means of interaction.

  5. SUCIDE it is the only way to feel no more thoughs of the damage this collective government has done to me, U won’t miss me, because u only care about your stinking news stories. while little people are forceed into homelessness, possessionless are form of existence being forced on you by wolves in sheep clothing,

  6. do? ? ? would you fly a plane into a building LIKE JOE STACK DID ! or would you start fires to destroy peoples lives ? of couse you would not but then that leaves SUCIDE it is the only way to feel no more thoughs of the damage this collective government has done to me, U won’t miss me, because u only care about your stinking news stories. while little people are forceed into homelessness, possessionless are form of existence being forced on you by wolves in sheep clothing,

  7. DELAY- NO CENSORSHIP- & NO EDITING! All they do is take ADVANTAGE & RETURN NOTHING ! IT’S ALL A SCAM ! if ANYONE OF U READING THIS have any kind of heart what would any of you do if in seven years everything of value to your goals (THAT TOOK 30 YEARS TO COLLECT) were taken from you, NOT BY FIRE OR NATURAL CATASTROPHY, but by people in power not caring what the end result would be because man’s laws says it’s ok to do that, what would you

  8. To prove accusations, did U know BP got something like est. 10,000 ideas on how 2 stop the oil & gas flow in the gulf. & get this BP called me back several times 2 get more information bout my idea because I’m the inventor of sphere type oil barge & sphere type ships introduced back in 1979, same shape can be used 2 plug it. & the media won’t interview me cause I told them NO 7 SECOND

  9. Never had a tweeter. Deleted myspace years ago and I deleted facebook. LOL, now friends have to call and have an actual conversation with me. Unless they decide to send me an irrelevant text message. I cannot stand people who constantly text and don’t pick up the phone. We completely avoid confrontation these days and take the fun out of getting to know other human beings.

  10. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @Rawah480 I don’t tweet that much.. :p But just for fun I tweet stuff like „just blinked, and just scratched my cheek“ lol so FOLLOW FOLLOW! and i’ll follow back.
    -R <3

  11. right now im SAD LIKE HEEELLLLLLLLLLLLL CUZ IM BANNED FROM TWITTER [well 4 a FEW HOURS!!!!] cuz it said that i was over my limit [cuz i posted tttoooo many tweets well i DO admit it cuz ive poasted like 200 tweets in a hour bt ONLY cuz i wanted to trend #eclipsemovie] n i cant tweet!!!!!!!!!! n now im like what de hell can i do without twitter?? lol now i realised how much i actually love twitter XO

  12. Lets be honest the only reason guys use social networking sites like facebook and twitter is because of the bitches. If girls didnt like that stupid texting pm shit it would all die

  13. the fail whale was just so adorable. and if people are really you’re friends you should make attempts to see them in real life. unless of course they are very far away. and i can understand how some calls over the phone can be slightly awkward, and pointless ‚hey‘ ‚how r u?‘ ‚good‘ texts can be annoying.

  14. @samfisherrocks18

    I could not agree MORE with this. AMEN!!! and then some! All everyone and every advertisement has to say is something about freaking Facebook. Like OMG did you guys see what she posted on her facebook and what she said on Twitter. It drives me nuts too.

  15. I like the Twitter bird.
    „Shut up…“
    „Pick your next words wisely.“
    And I totally agree with the video. Do people really need to know what you’re doing all the time?

  16. @rootbeerblues We are the non-Twitter-users. We are sane. We have lives. We laugh at the Twitter fags. We will rule the world while the Twitter fags waste their entire lives tweeting their shit.

  17. social networking kills real social interaction
    im not against computers in fact i love pc’s but i am concerned that the social networking sites like twitter might make the next bunch of people computer bounded

  18. It is so good! I love tweet and follow people who is interested in tourism, real estate and internet marketing issues. If you use it carefully it is great information network . Happy Weekend! @silvia_orrego

  19. In the TwitterSphere, did anyone else spy East Village Boy, Captain Art School, and Dr. Blog from Hipsters in Space floating in the background? Also, I think that It Girl was there too, just sans her feather headdress.

  20. real nice one i dont use this stuff facebook and twitter i think it kills the real realtionships and people just trying to show off with the numbers of their friends and so on

  21. Im 20, and it seems as if im the only one in my age group to have totally skipped the whole Myspace, Bebo, Twitter phenomenon….. I do have a Facebook however which i created last year.

    Is there anyone else out there like me?

  22. @KoolJayJ I’m 25. I’ve never gotten into any of that stuff. In the past, I used Twitter for maybe a month once because of someone I was dating. I could never get into it because it seemed pointless.

    However, I did create a YouTube account, Twitter account, and Blog about a month or so ago. It is to make a network for traffic to circulate between them to my Blog. Twitter for auto-updates on Youtube, which will show up on my Blog. Synergy.

    Still thinking of more creative ideas for traffic.

  23. haha funny video. hmm twitter isn’t stupid if you actually have friends who care and respond to your tweets though. and if it makes you even better friends in person. =)

  24. What a lonely planet we live on. But, I think that Twitter is kinda diary for me instead of storing my diary in my computer. It can save memories of my computer.

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