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iMastered the iDaft


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  1. haha yes i got every say FAKE AND GAY!! beacuse this is fake a gay for a fact and daft punk is good and you are makeing them sound gay so dont tell me to stop i want people to call you FAKE AND GAY!!!!

  2. FFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEE if you you just run your fingers over the key (as you did at the end) it would just make a bunch of work its, make its, do its, and makes us etc. FAKE

  3. At the start it seemed at least somewhat legit, but after 10 seconds it was so obviously fake that words have not been invented for it as of yet.

  4. @TaTankaXVIII
    can’t get people that says „Gay“ on youtube.. i can say „fag“ or „dumb vid“ but what does „gay“ has to do with it? if someone’s really gay, then you could say „gay“ but…i don’t get it 😐

  5. Tumbs up if your retarded enough to watch the whole video and then comment on it complaining that it wasted 40 seconds of ur life and then realise posting a comment wastes even more of ur life…

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