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Boxxy vs. Advice Dog


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  1. BOXXY ATTACK! Iiiii’d have to go with advice dog. I ate nails and died a winner! That’s right folks, I’m typing to you from heaven. It exists. Advice Dog forever.

  2. you probably think this song is stupid. i think its the most awesome, profound song in the world. if you can look behind the obvious stupidity of ‚advice dog‘ and ‚boxxy‘, you’ll find something strikingly meaningful
    advice dog is a metaphor for god. in fact, reversing ‚god‘ will get you ‚dog‘. dog is man’s best friend. god is a figure to look up to in times of uncertainty.

  3. Advice dog often dispenses ironic and erroneous advice, but this isnt because advice dog is evil. He is just naive and innocent, a victim of the insane world around them, similar to Boxxy who had her life ruined by obsessive internet stalkers. Advice dog is a symbol for purity, and naive and unquestioning loyalty- a dog will stay loyal to its master forever.

  4. Despite this, he still offers motivation and strength in times of need, the same way soldiers would look towards their symbol of purity to keep fighting towards victory.

    “Live forever, die a winner” is a quote we can all relate to. Pain is temporary, but glory is eternal- if we can die a winner we will live forever in the memories of those who fondly recall our exploits.

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