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My Name is Boxxy – Remix


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  1. best vid ever wen ur highhh if u think wats her name hot boxxy yeah thats it boxxy if u think shes hot like the tides that roll into water back and forth rising high above the sea filled with dolphins who play football inside of a dome passing around an egg eating egg salad with ketchup on top

  2. @Bonkersoffthebat
    Threads that showed google maps images of what they thought to be her house, based on her IP, although like i once said is never precise besides on very very rare occasions.
    This was around the time when the cancer spread to other places like this one.
    This is why i don’t go to the chan anymore, this is why i hate youtube and most other fourms, and picture boards.
    ill hop on the chan for nothing more than a wallpaper on /hr/ or /wg/
    those two seem to be the only places to be

  3. @benarielraven
    I think he was elaborating sir.
    People did stalk her, they got ahold of her IP address and got a rough estimate of where she lives, although it’s never correct, they had an address that i would guess is about 2 or 3 houses away from her.

    like if you got a hold of my IP you would probably end up at my neighbors house Pete’s, A vet from nom i believe.

    If you were around before the cancer hit the internetz, you would know more about this specific situation,i remember going around

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