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My Name is Boxxy – Remix


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  2. If I say what i’d do to her people will think I’m flaming. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just joking … she’s cute… but not sexy. I found her comment funny tho… Don’t flame or anything … „anything like what?“ :))

  3. @Blakheart741 Rolling On The Floor Laughing Taking Anal Sex Till It Collapses? So we are clear, the „it“ is your gay interracial beastality loving huge black friend that refuses anal play and abuses you because you claim freely that you are gay, and he is one of those that is a closet homosexual and beats you if you call him a gay and threatens to leave you ever moment of the day for being such a fairy, you get laughed at by Edward Cullen. Just making sure we are on the same page.

  4. hey anyone worried about the person that hacked Boxxy,dont. Im a hacker,unheard of. I have 2 tags to go by,so when you hear that „r3k@zu“ hacked the person that hacked Boxxy,that’s me. If it’s a different tag,it might be mine. But r3k@zu is already compromised. My other isnt.

  5. @just4now111 A bunch of assholes from 4chan got their panties in a knot at the fact that there was someone on the internet enjoying themselves and having fun, so they „hacked“ her account and warned her not to make a video ever again.

    Then a bunch of stalker fans of hers tracked her down and left like rose petals and stuff outside her door, she eventually just had enough and got her friends to make videos saying „forget about her, she just wants to live in peace“.

    It’s all rather sad =(.

  6. @LeckieTube 4Chan…filled with stalkers trolls faggots and 14 year old teens who think they are hard but are in fact camwhores, i thought it was funny how boxxy unintentionally brought 4chan to their knees and the site went offline for 3 hours…
    but you forget that the CBRC who hacked boxxy boasted afterwards contradicting themselves like 40 times trying to justify their action and threatened boxxy’s life itself if she did not stop making videos…

  7. is this the gastricpenguin one she talked about in her 3rd video? This is a crazy good remix and I could imagine her being blown away by it the way she claims to have been.

  8. OK OK,I know why Boxxy stopped making vids.
    GastricPenguin(The guy who made this remix) hacked her,she gave him some of her info,so he hacked her,but there are other rumors that she quit cause of school.
    THUMBS THIS UP SO PEOPLE DONT ASK!I love this remix tho.

  9. Okay!,so I was „re-searching“ yesterday,now I have more EXPLAINED details.GastricPenguin is from 4chan,he came out friendly to Boxxy,then Boxxy gave him so info about her,like where she lived,how old she was,basic details like that :)!,then they guessed her password and she got hacked,then the CBRC posted a video,warning her to never make one again.But she’s not dead!,she logged into Gaia yesterday.THUMPS UP SO PEOPLE DONT ASK!,I deleted my old one.

  10. @9KILLJOY Exact words.“OK๏ปฟ OK,I know why Boxxy stopped making vids.

    GastricPenguin(The guy who made this remix) hacked her,she gave him some of her info,so he hacked her,but there are other rumors that she quit cause of school.

    THUMBS THIS UP SO PEOPLE DONT ASK!I love this remix tho.“

  11. @MULESLAX Im sure this 1:27 video wasted SOOO much of ur clearly Valuable time… U are a great man Sir… I am sorry for this dearly…. I hope Ur King don’t Decide to go off with my Head Alice style… ๐Ÿ˜› < i hope the Stupid Foreigner Understands Sarcasm...

  12. @silenceyouidiot Yes, he could. The confusing thing is that he is from America himself. He must be a troll as well. I do enjoy trying to decode German text. I’m quite a fan of the Germans. Are you yourself German? As I see you live in the states, or do you just know German?

  13. I can guarantee that if she wasn’t cute not nearly as many people would like her. It’s just another girl doing random bullshit on the internet and everybody’s like ooh just because she’s a pretty girl we like her.

  14. @CocaFcola And you would still fuck her brains out if you could, and most probably try to have a serious relationship with her. Just like everyone who says „beeeh, she is so stupid, derp“.

  15. @guyboy625 ~ she’s good enough lookin‘ 2 probably get a couple K subs &
    her own stickcam club ~ doesn’t take much for a woman ~
    in a field rich w/ d3cks

  16. Look at your comment,๏ปฟ now back to mine. Now back at your comment now back to mine. Sadly it isn’t mine, but if you stopped trolling and๏ปฟ started posting legitimate comments it๏ปฟ could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re scrolling through comments, writing the comment your comment could look like. What did you post? Back at mine, its a reply saying something you want๏ปฟ to hear. Look again the reply is now DIAMONDS. Anything is possible when your not trolling.

  17. i don’t honestly see WHY the fuck this mix has 2 mill views- it’s a shitty mix – the editing is AMAZING- but the melody 7 beat are SO FUCKING CORNY – can’t groove to it it’s just too lame =( … but now My music i’v eremixed of her voice… that’s a bit different -DJ Oxygen

  18. Geez….. i am too high rite now…. i have no idea what the hell is going on
    by the way—-is it just me or did this girl mention (quote) ‚fuck me‘ at one point???
    Oh well i’m going to get McDonalds—-stuff this crap

  19. @ChoclatexLesbians WHY WASTE SUCH TALENT!? there’re so much peaplo out there gettin Money from Youtube videos , she made some ramdom stuff videos and got like TOP TOP TOP VIEWS ,IMAGINE IF SHE DID FOR OUR SAKE!? the problem was the Control Boxxy B.S! mean i dont see any Control Magibon stuff…or Fred, HannaMinx and many others!! so WHY AN INOSCENT GIRL POSTIN CUTVE VIDEOS FOR HER GAIA BUDDIES!? awww come on! besides, i just want her to look at her mailbox full of letters with 1 dollars inside!

  20. @Bonkersoffthebat Explain to me what herps is, please enlighten me. You pretty much have to be a retard or lack any sort of intellectuall capabilities if you spell a word wrong when you just looked at.

    ps. suck it nigger

  21. @FiveStarGeneral88
    You muse be mentally incapacitated, if you cannot understand the concept of an Abbreviation, or a layman’s term.

    P.S. Go take it in the bum from a chainsaw, it’s good for the lower intestines.

  22. @Bonkersoffthebat exacly shia muslim sometime are piece of shit.. even though im a shia muslim by my self.. fuck ur religon jew as white boi but im not that close with the people around they are too fucked up like yo mama muthafucka and im feeling good.. but not today im in a baad fuckin mood..

  23. @benarielraven
    I think he was elaborating sir.
    People did stalk her, they got ahold of her IP address and got a rough estimate of where she lives, although it’s never correct, they had an address that i would guess is about 2 or 3 houses away from her.

    like if you got a hold of my IP you would probably end up at my neighbors house Pete’s, A vet from nom i believe.

    If you were around before the cancer hit the internetz, you would know more about this specific situation,i remember going around

  24. @Bonkersoffthebat
    Threads that showed google maps images of what they thought to be her house, based on her IP, although like i once said is never precise besides on very very rare occasions.
    This was around the time when the cancer spread to other places like this one.
    This is why i don’t go to the chan anymore, this is why i hate youtube and most other fourms, and picture boards.
    ill hop on the chan for nothing more than a wallpaper on /hr/ or /wg/
    those two seem to be the only places to be

  25. best vid ever wen ur highhh if u think wats her name hot boxxy yeah thats it boxxy if u think shes hot like the tides that roll into water back and forth rising high above the sea filled with dolphins who play football inside of a dome passing around an egg eating egg salad with ketchup on top

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