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I herd you liek Mooninites? (Boxxy remix video)


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  1. lol, i worked at the psychatry in the closed section plus i did drugs myself and saw many extasy girls on partys. i saw many acting like her as was it in the psychatry when ppl were brought in with policeforce or those dancing grls on nightlife talkin to everyone and so on.

    this remix is nice reminds me of REZ.

  2. my under the influenced senses adamently disagree with this video’s techno jackrabbit mixiing style while simeltaniously did gime a hankering for a yummy emo girl. and yes, mooninites are like by myself and everyone else.

  3. @JoKeRxLove Oh damn.. I should have posted more info about it.

    Yeah it was streamed live on the cism website and it was live on their radio station in montreal.

    you can still listen to it and download it on my soundcloud which is jblanteigne on soundcloud.

  4. @JBLanteigne
    I’m sorry but I still can’t find the one hour mix with the link u provided :s I can only dwl some other one hour mix, but this song isnt in it?

  5. please leave this girl alone from now on. Think, just think for a second. No smart comments – think about if this was you in real life, being hassled by people you don’t know. This stuff changes people’s lives. STOP! Do something good with your time, stop hassling this human being.

    No more dedication videos, pictures or comments. No more websites. Whoever owns this channel should also take down this video. This was a private conversation. This girl deserves her privacy. It is her right.

  6. Hey you guys, Booxys new account is MirokuFanGirI.
    She says she will do a live cam for every 100th sub.
    She won’t do boxxy vids anymore, just normal videos.
    But anyway sub to her please 😀

  7. @Here2QuestionYou Did you know it’s a reference to the „I herd you liek mudkips“ meme, except I talk about the mooninites (because they are on boxxy’s shirt) who are characters from the adult swim show called aqua teen hunger force?


  8. @biomecaNICK Methinks it works well for this. Seems like the perc isn’t about sheer enveloping bass or anything, it’s more about adding chaos into the song, to really bring out the moments where the perc is missing, like at 1:01

  9. I love watching these remix videos. In her videos she was already 100x hyperactive than a „normal“ person. Then in a remix video she just seems much more hyperactive haha.

  10. @JBLanteigne gotta love talented people who also have a good knowledge of memes, btw suprised no-one has said your views were OVER 9000! not that its particularly important

  11. @Tearsneverlost Yeah.. that’s the only way to get it right now…

    Please if you guys do this, I’d appreciate that you name the file in such way that my name is somewhere (use jbl, not jblanteigne)

  12. @JBLanteigne I have a method to download the whole video, but I must have permission from you to share it with Tearsneverlost. That, and if you are referring to a watermark of some sort on the video, the website I know won’t include watermarks of any sort.

    Permission to share the link, sir?

  13. @Hendrik597 hmm look at this i found her account!
    but only 3 videos (in one of her vids someone else uploaded she says her account name)

  14. Look at your comment, now back to mine. Now back at your comment now back to mine. Sadly it isn’t mine, but if you stopped trolling and started posting legitimate comments it could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re scrolling through comments, writing the comment your comment could look like. What did you post? Back at mine, it’s a reply saying something you want to hear. Look again the reply is now diamonds. Anything is possible when you think before you post.

  15. Peaplo should send Mail with 1 to 10 dollars to her saying that we love her and we want Q&A videos, after some epic shoutout peaplo would simpli stop stalking her . the problem was that she was banned from internet…no last video,no goodbyes…nothing. So please ,Someone from RosseVille send her some money and tell her to make a last shoutoot or something similar, I BEG , PLEASE! FOR HER SAKE!

  16. @JBLanteigne Got some more crap in that genre coming soon hopefully.. been busy with tons of other video projects that aren’t on youtube but I got this silly one coming..

  17. omg omg, i think her name is from battlestar galactica…. Boxey the daggitt!!!! that gay furry dog robot. sooo… boxxy is a furry now!!! this is epic…

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