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Starcom Spring 1988 Toy Product Demo


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  1. Fantastically thought out toys, I adored them in the late 80s. Remember waking up on Christmas Day to the Starmax bomber and some other Starcom stuff and almost hyperventilating with excitement.

  2. I stumbled upon this toy line in the late 90’s
    I found a RAT vehicle in a box of old 80’s toys. I didnt know what it was but I immediately loved it. The spring loaded opening was SO cool and unusual. I played with micronauts as a young kid so the line was so similar. Im surprised somebody hasnt reissued these.

  3. Truely awesome toys! I still have my Starmax bomber and the little white one which sits on top of the bomber. I also have a few of the land vehicles. By far the best toys of the 80s. I never really remember the cartoon but I was mad for the toys.

  4. i can def. say that these 4 platforms were released in germany. as a kid i had 2 of them (that medic center and the repair bay). Bought them at the Karstadt store. and a kid living next door had all 4 of them.

  5. yep i had nearly everything, like the 2 big ones in this video an the small transporter for 4 ppl
    ..but i dont think the 4 platforms in the beginning where released in germany, never saw them

  6. that was starcom i had the zipline that was about 10 feet long a had a little vehical that would propel itself across it. these were the coolest toys, im almost 30 now and still rember all of them

  7. i had almost every toy they came out with it was very inavative for its time utilizing magnets and spring action movements, my favorite one didnt last too long it was sort of a zip line you could set up about 10 to 15 feet and had a vehicle that move across the line holding a action figure. also anougher favorite was this small boxy looking vehical thats wheels swong out to become a faster loking little baja type cruiser! i wish i kept these toys they prob be a good collecter item.

  8. man this brings back memories 🙂

    i use to have a couple of these, but i would never understand how the parts move when you press the button, when it doesnt run on batteries

  9. brings back memories, but man better than I remember I was so young but knew I loved them… damn I am 23 now, but shit I need all these lol…going to see if i can find some… Its so cool I have my own money I can just buy them lol…back then yea… I had no money to buy more that one ship and man or whatever…yea, think I will try and find some

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