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Cannibal Corpse – „Make Them Suffer“ Metal Blade Records


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  1. @purplehazethc
    maybe fag death metal, as i see what u mean there is alot of immitation shit out there but cannibal corpse are for real, they’ve been around for quite a while. death metal wasnt made to be heavier, its just a different genre that focuses on different things/topics. led zeppelin and cannibal corpse are 2 very differnt bands from different times, but both of them have alot talent.

  2. @InsanEMetal654 I felt exactly the same way as you, at first I thought it was just noise but then I started to appreciate the riffs and the skill they have.

  3. @captaindrewski this is the first comment i have to agree with. is that poo one of the gay bits those posers slipknot do between the good stuff ?the bits with the gay melodic singing?

  4. Can someboy please explain me why at almost EVERY time i watch a Death metal band on youtube there are a bunch of fags comparing it to slipknot. Few times i just ignore it but its kinda starting to piss me off.

    Serieusly. The ones who compare Death metal bands with Slipknot should hang themselves.

    „KUCH“ sliptknot fans should hang themselves to“KUCH“

  5. CC remind me of Merry Poppins and The Jonas Brothers. CC is as boring, wimpy, lame, little snots that mommy needs to burp. Are you serious? Death metal reminds me of fuzzy, soft, little angels. In truth, there’s music out there that can easily pulverize CC and make them look like cushiony soft panties.

  6. @MobbDeep4lifeNY
    i am 19 year old
    and normally i respect if someone had different music taste
    but just until he dont insult the music i like
    i got many raper friend
    but they never tell me
    „why are you listening to this shit“
    but i hate if someone going to see a music video what he dont like and talk shit about it just because he wanna be a thoughguy
    if someone talk crap about my music i talk crap about theirs

  7. wote this comment up cause i want every CC hater to see this
    If you dont like this why did you search it up
    this is a music video for those who like death metal
    every idiot who search this video up to talk shit
    they are posers who thik they are thoughguy if they talk shit about others favourite musics
    and they do it becuse the dont have a life
    so an advice for those who dont love this music but they took the time to talk crap about it
    and stop insulting others favourit bands

  8. I once hate death metal. I mean its name is even ‚death‘ metal, but after listening to this guys and sepultra, i delete all of my rap songs and put this song and many others in my mp3 cause their damn good. I dont care if i dont understand a fucking word cause death metal the best. long live cc

  9. @Slipknotjoeyjr666 ok man u people can stop carrying its just my fucking opinion.. like im not saying they suck im just saying i dont really like them, like man ur so defensive over a band

  10. @masterofdisaster023 Hey douchebag.
    Nobody is as dim witted as you to believe such shit.
    Anyway, the asshole who first wrote those shitty things can’t even fucking spell! So much for something so real.
    Get a life, fucknut.

  11. @lolatmyaccounts hey hey hey, calm down now, will you ? my parents have passed away, a long time ago and they knew shit about lucozade… They never commented about wanking either. Rather old fashioned, if you know what i mean… heh heh heh ! I just don’t like death metal so much, I find it rather negative in attitude. If you wanna listen to some positive, mind awakening screaming, i suggest you try THE RESIDENTS !
    …just my opinion…

  12. @imanerd1001
    Just mentioning, dont say „any other screamo band“ because CannibalC isnt a screamoband, and he isnt screaming. However, I recommend Kataklysm and Bloodbath

  13. @aspiringguitarist1


    Death & Folk Metal are the most melodic genres of music, and Death Metal requires very high intelligence to understand. Some of the smartest people in the world like DeathM

  14. wow, doesn’t it say something that this video has over 7 million views. Apparently, the world doesn’t hate death metal:P. This really is a victory for metal in the battle to become mainstream(and riping off justin blieber’s pretty boy face, cleaving his undersized testicles off, and making him watch his family be burned by cutting his eyelids off).

  15. @adubs1011

    I don’t. They practically made every basic metal act to follow their gritty example: growl growl growl and use the same sweeps on the low strings on the guitar while doing a blast beat for the entire song.

    Check out some more talented bands instead who have the balls to make something different and add diversity, such as Trivium and All That Remains.

  16. @Daputti Ha? Cannibal Corpse was at least fairly original when they cam out in ’89. More than can be said for shitty third tier Metalcore like ATR or the souless Metallica/Metalcore blender wankfest that is Trivium. Adding in thrash Metallica reject parts to your already generic Metalcore does not in any way make you diverse. lol

  17. @Scottliveson1 – Why am I seeing your name on so many metal video pages? On Avenged Sevenfold for instance? If you don’t like Metal, don’t look at the videos, never mind don’t leave a comment. We don’t give a shit about „hip hop“ or „rap“. We listen to metal because one we like it, and two we aren’t one of the sheep liek you that listens to only what you hear on the radio. btw Lady Ga Ga is a creep. „Ga ga oh la la.“ Fucking creep.

  18. @Scottliveson1 If you think it’s shit why are you here posting a comment? Are we supposed to give a fuck? Some sad little queer with nothing better to fill his days with other than trolling through Youtube, going into things they DON’T like and making a comment to rile people up. You succeeded. Oh and by the way, I’d prefer it if you hung yourself like you’ve said we all should and then it rids the world not only of your stupidity, but is also one less Hermaphrodite lover.

  19. @Theneongray2 : this is singing, playing guitar, drums, bass,
    lady gaga and hardcore is just electronic shit, lady gaga’s voice sucks dick,
    its all made electronic …

  20. enough:Cancer now for those who have in youtube: animal sex; porn; horror;Satanism; kisses with tongue; vulgarity; negative educational impact for children? I’m Rei Unius the King of Israel in Jesus‘ name I command that:the first dangerous che will disease to which their thinking think? is own one that should receive: invincible disease that leading to death: loved the curse? Falls on him! Drink your poisons made by yourself CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVBME­­­NETECHELPERES♰PAX

  21. @HxCTube ive been into death metal since 89/90 so wtf are you talking about it being the latest trendy thing out there?
    im not here to argue whats better cc or jonas brothers because neither is better. you like what you like and i like what i like. all i can say is in a couple years when the jonas brothers arent a band anymore everyone will forget they existed and this shit will still be alive and well.
    carry on children…

  22. Censorship in clips from Cannibal Corpse is pure hypocrisy.
    To show priests and pastors brainwashing children, nobody complains. Now show some mutilated bodies „are bad for youth.“
    A censura nos clipes do Cannibal Corpse são pura hipócrisia.
    Para mostrar padres e pastores fazendo lavagem cerebral em crianças, ninguém reclama. Agora mostrar alguns corpos multilados „fazem mal a juventude“.

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  24. @eleven1129384756 are you kidding me cannibal corpse is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than justin bieber you can even compare them

  25. @somethingrandooom so finally we attack justin bieber’s video. ITS ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME!!!! Im all for it as you can plainly tell, however my little 13 year old man bitch of a cousin might see reason to disagree

  26. I DESPISE bullet for my valentine and 3 days bullcrap, and all other poser metal out there, and all that bullshit pop and rap
    note:I didn’t capitalize the band’s names, that’s how much I disrespect them.

  27. Mane, rap is way fukin better than this mo fokin lookin‘ like „Raaorw Rawr Rah“ an shit. Yo mane, you mo fokos they ain’t even got no beats. They just tryin‘ to look hardcore like Bweep Jizzy, Bag Dog, Young Weblo, an Gwizzy Chimp.

  28. @CenturionSphere seems you dont have any musical knowledge at all, not as an insult i mean really, you need skills to play this shit, and I know it cause i do play the guitar ;D

    The metal militia will be attacking Justin Biebers video (justin bieber baby ft. ludacris) on the FOURTH OF JULY! Assemble all fans of good music in every genre! (Jazz, Metal, Classical, Classic Rock etc.) On said date leave a comment giving your thoughts on JB, close the comment with -MM. Copy and paste this comment to all the good band videos! (Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, led zeppelin, black sabbath…) Thumbs up this comment!

  30. @aylaisafox You ever heard of broadening your horizen?
    When I check out music on youtube I usually wade through 5 times more bands I don’t like than the ones I like. Some times I find something new that’s good

    The metal militia will be attacking Justin Bieber’s video (justin bieber baby ft. ludacris) on the FOURTH OF JULY! Assemble all fans of good music in every genre! (Jazz, Metal, Classical, Classic Rock etc.) On said date leave a comment giving your thoughts on JB, close the comment with -MM. Copy and paste this comment to all the good band videos! (Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, led zeppelin, black sabbath, etc..) Thumbs up this comment

  32. @Brodman58 i dont like them that much but they have my respect … try those guttural vocals an entire time, loud. Then think about doing them an entire set, then think that they are doin this for 22 years. anybody would lose their voice.
    Long story short… No not anybody could do these vocals

  33. I’m not really fan of Cannibal’s music, bit I’ve to admit that they are really good in their style of music ! And this song kicks ass =D

  34. @DownviewBabe U see Real Metalheads listen to this music to liberate our excess angst, hatred towards humanity.. it helps us at the end..u see..but YOU would never get it cause u aint into get the fuck outter here about thn
    Butchery my meat hooks sharpened to penetrate
    Emasculate, gouging crotches I will eat
    Hung upside down, holes punctured through half chewed
    Gristle, debauchery with dead bodies, turning green
    Upheaveal of human entrails

  35. @Fox777Racer youre such a little bitch, nobody cares about you or what you have to say because youre a hater, youre stupid, and youre a waste of life. you should probably just kill yourself now and get it over with because only pathetic faggots like you would start arguments like this over the internet.

    The Metal Militia will be attacking Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance“ video
    on 9th of July… Remember to dislike, put a comment and flag .
    We need your help to destroy this modern autotune music that
    has ruled the world. Copy paste this comment on every good music
    video such as:death metal
    Thumbs up this comment
    This is coming from directly from MM offficial’s leader. GET TO IT BROTHERS
    dominic508 1 day ago 7

    The metal militia will be attacking Justin Bieber’s video (justin bieber baby ft. ludacris) on the FOURTH OF JULY! Assemble all fans of good music in every genre! (Jazz, Metal, Classical, Classic Rock etc.) On said date leave a comment giving your thoughts on JB, close the comment with -MM. Copy and paste this comment to all the good band videos! (Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, led zeppelin, etc. classical composers, jazz composers etc.) Thumbs up this comment!

  38. no matter how many times i listen to this i still fucking hate them i just cant stand to vocalist its just all fucking on tone its so shit, ed from all shall perish has the best variation outa any vocalist they fucking are the best n shit on cannibal corpse

  39. @moolybastard95 you clearly dont play guitar because only a minority of this song is on the E string, what is wrong with the E string? led zeppelins whole lotta love, most of that is on the E string and that is a great song.
    Oh and i like that „gay fast retarded ass drumming“

  40. @rngpro maybe i am seriously metaly retarded, i dont care i enjoy this music.
    and there is no such thing as „regular music“, so could you define what „regular music“ is please

  41. The reason why I searched for Cannibal Corpse on youtube is coz i found out Jim Carey is a fan.. I’m not much of a fan of this band as even though i like the music, i can’t quite make out what is being sung/said so i can’t enjoy it as much as, say, Slayer or Pantera. I can’t believe Jim Carey is more metal than me!

  42. @MrRyan120293 bullet isnt gay lol :L :L :L i love bullet x
    these guys are awesomeeeeeee tho 😀 🙂 …but i havent seen bullet live yet haha .. have you??? are they gud or are they shit …or okay ??? xx

  43. @vTheDarknessv I’m talking while I growl.That’s how my buddy from Grotesque,a local band that broke up because one guy drove drunk-dead,told me how to do it.If that’s not how to do it I’m going to be pissed.

  44. Why do corpse video’s have to be the subject of trolling by so many people that hate it its annoying coming on and seeing comments that are just trying to give them shit

    p.s. Cannibal Corpse is the fucking best death metal band ever!

  45. “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth” we cannot compromise with nonmuslims! we are ready to die for Islam!This is a satanic music! Islam will remove this sort of shit from America once we establish Islamic America!.. Islam means leading a moral life!

  46. @samgee2007 FUCK YOU fuck all u sandniggers this is america goddamnit. we like bald eagles, and fucking cannibal corpse! so take your shitty toyota camry and fuckin get out of here.


  48. @Thrasher11644 i,ve never heard of arch enemy but i just looked up one of their videos and i must agree that the vocalist is pretty fucking hot, i would fuck the shit out of her until she started to cum blood, and then i would fuck her with a knife. she has a pretty good metal voice for a chick.

  49. @halvarthered I like older Burzum stuff especially „Hvis lyset tar oss“ I don’t see why would I hate those? Never really got into Darkthrone but I guess their Panzerfaust and Transilvanian Hunger was cool..
    Death metal bands with different (non-ridiculous) lyrics still do exist, believe it or not. Heard of Origin, Psycroptic, Anata, Deeds of Flesh, Decapitated, Immolation, Lykathea Aflame, etc.? And they’re all good bands

  50. Have you ever noticed that everyone in metal (Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Nile etc.) are all in their 40’s and that all the mainstream screamo shit people are in their 20’s? Just proves middle aged people are more fucking hardcore than the younger generation with their scremo bullshit.

  51. @brybry19871987 oh and i suppose cannibal corpse are the kings of uniqueness now? and did u just imply that TBDM is incoherent?? compared to this :))? nope. Completely invalid point.

  52. @IC3D3mon Who the fuck said I liked Cannibal Corpse? To be honest, I used to listen to these guys a little back in like 96…. Then I got tired of it. I saw this video while watching a Clutch video so I decided to hear it out… Still sucks, still same shit, still can’t believe the lead singers head hasn’t actually flung off while head banging haha….. so fuck you

  53. @wtfjaftw
    Dude this was german and i said:
    „Justin Bieber is a gayfaggot and too much people listen to gayfaggy shit today“. And its a shame that Gayfaggots like Bieber earns millions of money cause millions of 9 year old girls listen to Justin Gayber.

  54. @RevivedGuy808

    To Come around in a long time? Theyve been around for a long time. Did you just crawl out from under your rock? And can you really label Dethklok as a „real“ Death Metal band?

  55. @ColaFan101 if you made an account just to hate on this band, your reasons for creating one was pointless and stupid, people like this kind of music and the number of likes vs the number of dislikes is very different if there are more likes then dislikes then your opinion on this band has no meaning and you are just a low life looking for something to do rather than masturbating to gay porn on the internet, and others like you who hate on this band have not life so why not fuck off and die

  56. wtf is this awfull song?? its so angry and scary….anyone who listens to this piece of s*** is crazy!! dayumm…Justins songs are like ∞ better than any stupid metal songs…U GO JUSTIN BIEBER!! JB LOVE FOREVER!! <3

  57. People I’m here to divulge a really good metal band from my country, Portugal, wich I think should be better known outside… It’s called RAMP, and believe you me, you won’t regret it.

    CC is awesome btw.

  58. @garethac81 i get your point. i also have to laugh when listening to them. but some other people won’t. this is not to be taken too serious anyways, since none of either cannibal corpse or their fans will rip off heads, eat brains and stuff. so it’s all down to your personal perception. just respect people who say they don’t laugh at this, whilst you shall be taken serious for saying that this music will make you laugh. peace.

  59. Ciekawe o co chodzi w tej piosence… no oprócz wiadomego: Chłopak obudził się na sofie, a matka nie przygotowała kolacji. Zrozpaczony ojciec woła: „Make them supper!“ przywołując matkę do porządku… ale tak poza tym?

  60. fat Neck! Its going to take me two axes to chop corpse grinders head off, Because his neck is to fat.
    All this is a dirty bit of screaming if you guys want to hear screaming go to a farm and watch pigs bang each other.

  61. @ItsNotASlim

    You must be used to listening to shitty bands like Bring Me The Horizon or other deathcore bands like Suicide Silence with their ‚br00t4l!‘ breakdowns that it must come as a shock when you actually see a heavy band who can actually play their instruments at an amazingly technical level. If you don’t like them then just don’t be an arsehole about it. Just go and listen to your usual crap

  62. You can tell fisher got bullied as a kid, seriously, I’m not making jokes or anything, to be THAT pissed off can only indicate that, but he doesn’t cut himself or cry, he MAKES THEM SUUUFFFEEEER!!!! lol, seriously fuck emo fags.

  63. hmmm, i come here to see what people say on a „Death Metal“ band’s comments, and notice no one talking shit, but go to Deathcore bands comments and all „Death Metal“ listeners talk shit…we know its not death metal, there is a difference, but then again someone will prob still talk shit right….anyways CC is pretty sick.

  64. @Led9780
    1. Slipknot isn’t Death Metal, they are mainstream shit.
    2. Death metal is shit to begin with.
    3. Cannibal Corpse didn’t even pioneer death metal, it was a band called Death.

  65. @knfdnf

    Errr no they aren’t. They are terrible and an insult to metal. One of the many faggoty bands trying to make death metal trendy and attracting fuckin scene kids who run about in the pit flailing their arms like headless chickens.

  66. @peoplegetpeople WOW that really offended me lol
    you don’t even know my taste in music, I don’t like LP lol
    and now I can validly make the assumption that most metal fans are bad people =]

  67. why are you guys keep popping justin beiber into every metal video’s comment box? i hate the guy just as much as next rocker does, so god, by do you insist on making your fellow metal heads hear about him when they’re trying to listen to some decent music too?

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  70. What I don’t get is why all these religious people go on youtube and start calling the people who listen to it…..something associated with Satan or some shit like that. To those religious people who do that, I have one thing to say: WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK! Us metalheads: MAKE THEM SUFFER


    The 1st of September we won! Justin Biebers‘ video „Baby“ Now has way more „dislikes“ than it has „likes“!

    Now, let us all on the 20th of September go to JUSTIN BIEBER – ONE TIME, The Official video and dislike it!


    Please forward this message!!!!

  72. DjingoRango is absolutely right. You can be christian and listen to this music. I am a devout presbyterian and i love almost any metal. You don’t have to agree with the lyrics (literal or not) to like a band. Appreciate the music and stop bickering over the message. Try to play that fast instead XD

  73. What bothers me is that most people think that this is just noise. Even though these aren’t just musicians but extremely skilled musicians at that. Alex Webster is a technical wonder on the bass and Pat O Brien can shred and throw down some complex, sick riffs.

  74. if this is music… but, why don’t you listen good groups (nirvana,rhcp,sum 41,metallica) i hate this group because it hasn’t sense write sogs like „make them suffer“ or „hammer smashed face“

  75. @VvEinarvV i wont go to deep cuz ill end up argueing but if ur christian u should listen to this music and if u ask me y i would tell u all the details why and im not jesus lover i despised religon

  76. @Tomaldinho9 Harris and Klebold didn’t only kill because they listened to Manson or Rammstein, that’s an extremely ignorant conclusion. Harris was reportedly a clinical psychopath and Klebold, depressive. How about attributing this massacre to violence in video games, films, bullying, and gun control? How can you neglect all of this? Stop jumping to narrow-minded conclusions.

  77. @fyourcouchnigga
    At first I had to laugh, but then it’s not really suprising if it’s true. A lot of RnB and Hip Hop „Stars“ love stealing from Metal and Rock bands. (I realise that covering isn’t stealing. What I’m referring to is plagiarising by taking melodies and abusing them as the only musical sounding part of their tracks. That happens a lot.) I don’t know Justin Bieber though, peace.

  78. @LordGanon69
    you called me a poer, when i listen to all kinds of music, and for your info old schoolmetal is the best, and i listen to alot of old school stuff, i just happen to like metallica, whats wrong with that?

  79. lot of people not seem to like them…. ive seen cannibal corpse 2 times and i didnt really like them first.. but i learned that these songs are not really about the lyrics… its about that you can go fucking mental on this music :P. the moshpits are crazy and hella fun :P. and just bang your head till your brains come out your nose…. but this music is just for going totally insane :P. and its fun. its way better then when you go get a gun and shoot people…

  80. Check out my band Wield My Word we are a deathcore/death metal (the genre of the band is not decided yet) band. As the time passes, we will try to get a professional equipment to make even better music. We have only 1 song at the moment, but we are going to share the next song as soon as possible. Bless metal \m/

  81. Moshkenstein, my iPhone won’t allow me to reply properly, but I couldn’t agree more. I mention his name and get bombarded with hate comments. People are OBSESSED with him and the only reason I found out about him was because of haters on YouTube.

  82. @Twiggyay I agree man there is too many pretentious snobs in metal judging what ‚metal‘ is and is not. They say ‚go and listen to real metal‘ but they would complain if billions loved death and doom metal etc

  83. @jerk89 Sorry, I can’t really help that I’m only a freshman at a university. It’s hard to graduate in five weeks. I’m glad I can influence you so easily too, lol. I’m just calling the videos as I see them on youtube. Unless they’re extremely biased or edited, I’m right, and we can probably rule out the biased thing because CC is obviously more popular.

  84. @hullett29 You know, metal isn’t about being a badass who doesn’t follow some type of god. Who gives a damn what you believe in? Just because you listen to music about suffering, and doing ridiculous things doesn’t make you any more fearsome than the average person. So many people argue that this or that „isn’t true metal“. What it all really comes down to is what kind of metal that person listens to. Have you ever noticed that whatever metal bands one person likes is the „true metal“ for them?

  85. @swicked4911 what the hell do you know you narrow minded fuck. i love this and it is music it takes great skill tp play like this just cos its so loud it would burst your faggot eardrums!!!!! cc 4eva.









  87. Seriously, these dudes crack the Billboard 200 and have never, ever sold out or „evolved“. There’s nothing wrong with improved musicianship, but so many bands defend changing their styles by saying that they have „evolved“ or „matured“. Screw that. They are just weak euphemisms for wimping out. Not so with Cannibal Corpse. Keep up the good work guys. They are a great band and in the best position to wave the flag of death metal.

  88. @OsamaBinLadinAccount They wear black because you can’t wear frilly long dresses with this kind of music-same can be said for lyrical content-no relationship bitching in death metal. They write this kind of music because it’s for letting off steam and banging you’re fucking head as much as you can; to let loose some potential energy bottled up inside. If you believe these guys spend all day believing humans should all suffer then I crown you king of the retards.

  89. @tepeke88
    Excuse me, sir but you may have made a slight typing error in you comment. It should read:

    „Metallica is the most overrated metal band ever. Enuff said!“

    No need to thank me. We all make mistakes. I’m just here to help. 🙂

  90. Metal is fuckin real music man!!! Are you too dumb too understand my comment?
    I dont listen to talentless and sellout Rnb, Pop and Hip Hop crap. Ive never said that. I said Bring Me The Horizon and Avenged Sevenfag are fuckin gayass bands for faggy emo kiddies. Whats wrong with that? Are you a EMO? Are you a Bring Me The Horizon fangirlie? Oh sorry i didnt know that you are a emo fangirlie.

  91. @LoveToLaughh5
    Should i tell you something about JB and those „Popstars“.
    1. They never write their music, 2. they cant write lyrics, 4. they dont know how to play instruments, 5. They’re just picked up from a music label just to sell their „looking“ 6. JB just sell cause he looks like 10, have a voice like an 3 year old girl and act a „Cool“ and „cute“ guy in his vids, so all the 9 year old girlies are crying. Its not music. 7. They earn millions of cash WITHOUT TALENT. How old are you? 11?

  92. @terroriticus if you’re going to try and make yourself look far more mature and intelligent than another person, try to spell correctly, otherwise you end up looking like a faggot, dont you 🙂

  93. @AussieGuy235 yeah i know, the way they play their guitars with such talent, and my god, the lows george uses…you are so right, this band is most deffinatly a joke…i couldnt imagine them ever being popular

    (if your too dense to get it by now, that was sarcasm)

  94. @FamouslyFireburnt HAHA and your telling me that those pethetic waste of space gangster wannabes like yourself even have a grade point average? and that metal has influence with drugs but in rap DRUGS IS ALL THE FUCKING TALK ABOUT!!! Your a fucking Hyprocrital Retard. everyone on here thinks your a gigantic faggot. You should really consider killing yourself.

  95. How the fuck could you like this shit, they have NO guitar flowness, they just put some random notes and achords. Just listen to the vocalist. he’s shit. He sings at the same tone with is tongue swallowed… Man. idiot music. Listen to metallica if you really like metal.

  96. @MrMetalupyourarse true mettallica has good guitars but thats whats good about this, its diffrent and unique and creative in means of lyrical choice i mean i like both because they are attempting to write about what they want to write and play like and to me that is real music

  97. @westsideking99
    HAHAHA! It’s so cute that you need a fictional character that you can’t even prove the existence of, to fill your lack of knowledge on shit.
    It’s also cute that you consider yourself a servant to propaganda

  98. I just started to listen to Cannibal Corpse lately, and I wanna know some of their catchy songs, if anyone can tell me, songs like Severed Head Stonning, Make Them Suffer, Five Nails Through the Neck ,Death Walking Terror & They Deserve to Die, the Wretched Spawn songs like that, catchy songs and either jsut awesome songs, anyone can recommend?

  99. @lv71389 Yeah, sure no problems 😛 happens to everyone, though pop is shit, just looked for songs like those I named, but thanks to the other guy told me to listen to a Skull Full of Maggots, which is an awesome song 😛

  100. @xxcardosoxx im an idiot? how am i, i am one the people who can see that no one in this fucking shit band has any musical talent and these arent metal theyre just a noise and nothing more

  101. i think that cannibal corpse suck! thats why i came on here! Thing is why listen to these when you can listen to Asking Alexandria (a Death-core band) that are AWSOME! still this is 10,000X better than any charts shit!

  102. @Brutalmusicktv Chris Barnes is a worthless stoner nigger fuck. Anyone can do that style of vocals. CCs music was even worse when he was in the band too. Six Feet Under seriously may be the worst metal band on Earth.

  103. @MrMerked101 Actually just because we hate this band, that might mean we just listen to good music, not justin bieber. As if the metal listeners could think of any other way to make fun of somebody besides saying „You’re a faggot because you listen to Justin Bieber“ Ha ha hilarious dumbass. Try listening to some good music like Asking Alexandria, Woe is me, We came as romans, August Burns Red, Motionless In White, etc.
    But this… this just sucks, the instrumentals aren’t even that special..

  104. Make them suffer, make them suffer, no just no mate ¬¬
    Suicide Silence and Bullet For My Valentine is the way forward and abit of Whitechapel and Bring Me The Horizon doesn’t go a miss ;]

  105. @MrMurd3rface

    fuck you asshole, CC wouldnt be CC without their vocals.
    go disembowel yourself faggot and go back to your shitty metal like bring me the hairspray, and trivium, and as i lay crying

  106. The Metal Militia will be attacking Justin Biebers BABY video

    on September 1st onward … Remember to dislike, put a comment and flag on the baby vid on sep 1.

    We need your help to destroy this modern autotune music that

    has ruled the world. Copy paste this comment on every good music

    video such as: Metallica, Pink Floyd, Dio, AC/DC, led zep, the doors, Beatles,Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, hendrix, etc, etc.

    Thumbs Up if you agree!

  107. @aerosmith425 Me hating dogs making me a pussy? Not really, faggot, I have my reasons to hate them, dont I? Yes, you are uneducated, EVERYBODY knows what a troll is, so yes, you are uneducated. And your point is invalid, cause you they have talent, compared to a fuckface like you who can’t even spell, or use proper grammar when you are from BRITTAIN.
    I have shit to back my point up, they have sold millions of albums, toured for over 20 years, have millions of fans over the world.

  108. @aerosmith425 And while you sit there, behind your computer screen, trying to be a hardass by going to a CC video, saying „They have no talent!“, but you don’t make a point, ‚cause you arn’t even explaining HOW they don’t have talent. My point is, they play their instruments, they growl their songs, and they have millions of fans who listen to their TALENTFULL music. I still await your point, cuntbag.

  109. Ever since I was 12 years old I had to defend my love for heavy metal against those who say it’s a less valid form of music. My answer now is that you either feel it or you don’t. If metal doesn’t give that overwhelming surge of power that make the hair stand up at the back of your neck, you might never get it, and you know what? That’s okay, because judging by the 22,969 metalheads around me we’re doing just fine without you 3,871 haters

  110. @aerosmith425 I listen to them cause I like their music, end of story.
    They have a better life then you have. Yes, their songs are about, rape, murder, necrophilia, zombies, suicide, so what? It’s Death Metal, and George Fisher himself said, and I quote „Yeah, it’s about killing people, but it’s not promoting it at all. Basically these are fictional stories, and that’s it. And anyone who gets upset about it is ridiculous.“ There’s my point in the lyrics.

  111. @aerosmith425 I pay for their CD’s ‚cause I want to hear their brutal death metal music, the heavy and complicated riffs, the fast and well co-irdinated drums, the epic bass playing by Alex Webster, the awesome solo’s by Pat O’Brian.
    Im a victim, I know that it has alot of talent, your opinion means nothing, because you, and all of the people who think that it’s talentless, are wrong.
    Bottom line is, you suck, they don’t.

  112. Hello there fellow metalheads.

    Instead of a Metal rebellion i propose a new plan.

    1. Don’t bash other metal artists, we need to unite. We cant fight against pop music if we arent even together.

    2. Watch more and other metal videos to get it to the top of the youtube vid list

    3. Instead of bashing pop, promote metal with logical reasons, not just „METAL RULES!“

    If you like this idea, thumbs it up JUST so people can see it, and also spread it around if you like this idea

  113. By the way, I thought there would be zombies in this (o_o).

    On another note, I am not a Metal Head. But I wish to apply this unique lifestyle to my life. So, how can I conduct myself to be a someone of genuin Metal? I wish to be a well refined individual, but it seems that this lifestyle is to the contrary, so must I reject all that I’ve learned and pursue a path of destruction? What does a typical Metal Head believe in? Or in the sense, what philosophies apply to the music? Thank you!

  114. fuck you youtube!!!!!!!!!!! why the fuck should i watch a video about AT&T before cannable corspe. go fuck your mother no one care. and stop trying to pay your bills by making watch this shitty ass bullshit!!!!!!!

  115. @3l6NrDx uhm, why would you want metal on the top.. I don’t want even more emo fags getting into the metal scene.. let this music just be to the die hard fans..we know where to find the gigs and the live music and friends.. we don’t need no bullshit fags on the scene! it’s good as it is now. i don’t care if mainstream people don’t know shit about this music cause it’s my music.. and the ones that love it are with me!


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