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Chimp raping a Frog

An actual chimpanzee having kind of sex with a frog. Weirdo… Poor Frog.



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  1. reminds me of the first time i came. But i was using a fresh kitten instead of a frog. I took pictures that I still masterbate 2 every night. i showed my mother the pics, and her panties became as wet as a beach towel soaked in angry tears.

  2. I heard this on O&A and am so glad I looked this up. I laughted so hard I cried! Women…There is no other reasion to wonder about us guys…this is the only explenation you need. LOL.

  3. Okay i have to say this cause apparently nobody else will and think its funny
    First of all- the fact that someone video taped this is EXTREMELY disturbing!!
    Second, the fact that the parents LET their children stay and watch that is bad parenting…for lack of a better word.
    And third…that poor frog…seriously! How the HELL would a monkey know to do something like that unless shown?
    And fourth…all of you who think this video is funny…your sick in the head as well just like those parents.

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