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Driving On Salvia – Extended Version

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  1. I want to smoke me some salvia, so I can turn into a retard for 5 minutes. Just hope I dont end up like that kid who blew his fucking head off while he was not in reality.

  2. lol
    today i did salvia
    and i thought i was a spinning teapot in an antique store, and you dont get sold if you stop spinning, and i was freaking out cause i was slowing down, and It’s every teapots dream to be sold, and so I never got sold, but it was okay, cause when I stopped spinning I wasn’t a teapot anymore.
    I was an indian. and I thought we were fighting the aztecs.

    I love salvia.

  3. the ending is brilliant! great video.

    i mean if a guy is going to risk perhaps inducing schizophrenia with salvia then at least it’s on YouTube for my enjoyment, right?

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