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Flashback anyone?


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  1. @Nizingur Si meg ett sted jeg har sagt det? jævla tulling. Jeg har ikke nevnt det en eneste gang. Og hadde jeg gjort det, hvem faen er du til å dømme? Til det sistnevnte du sa, kunne ikke finne på noe bedre hitline enn det jeg skrev?? loool
    Sier det nok en gang, skal du absolutt slenge dritt, gjør det ett annet sted. Du har driti deg loddrett ut her 🙂 gå å lek i ett avis forum eller noe i den duren

  2. @hengdegietttre Åhh, så trist. Det blir slengt dritt mot meg av et menneske som ikke kan stave, ikke kan bruke ordentlig grammatikk, og ikke kan ordellingsregler, som sannsynligvis bruker sosialstøtte og aldri kommer til å få en jobb. Å så vondt det gjør å bli „krenket“ av deg. Grusomt. Jeg tror jeg skal gå og gråte litt i et „avis forum“, jeg.

  3. @Nizingur Hør på deg selv. Du gjør ikke noe annet enn å rakke ned på folk med informasjon uten noen form for grunnlag. Profilen din sier du er 19 år, og du snakker om å „aldri få en jobb“ du har ikke noen fullført utdannelse engang, hvem er du til å snakke dritt om andre? Slutt å oppfør deg som en liten sossegutt som blir mobba på skolen, så kansje livet ditt blir bedre.

  4. @Wildbane

    The only element that is missing is that the hallucinatory visuals would apply to everything, not just his face. Other than that, this representation is the most accurate I’ve seen both visually and audibly.

    Now only if the change in thoughts that comes with tripping could be captured somehow…

  5. I have never done drugs, nor will I ever, but I have studied drugs and effects on your body for a school research project. With LSD, I think you would be hallucinating all objects around you. Wouldn’t this be closer to an abuse of Mushrooms? Whatever you were trying to accomplish lasse, it is incredible. Especially at 0:23 that scared the fuck outta me. Great job!!!

  6. @hcvideoproductions as someone with quite a bit of experience I can say that is almost a perfect representation of what happens. Its true that stuff in your peripherals would indeed be moving and distorting etc your completely absorbed by your reflection.
    Also this is an artistic representation not a documentary 😀

    Abuse is a harsh word I prefer use

  7. i remember seeing a fucking demon coming out of my face! i dont know if it was my mind playing tricks or if it really was a demon which i wouldn’t doubt but ever since that trippy day i been on some spiritual shit with myself

  8. if you take too much acid so can see faces getting like this, if you stare in the mirror on regular dose your face starts morphing too but not always horror, most of the time you can still control your feelings and most visuals are beautiful not horror

  9. @FitzDrachire ive seen it by my girlfriend , not my self but my girlfriend she was standig next to me in the kitchen and i was looking in de mirror and she lookt to my face it was like a zombie everytime when she moved her head she was diffrent i gotta say this is so real , Ever saw it to my self but not this extreme

  10. @showmedawg Depends a lot. LSD’s hallucinogenic properties can give you any kind of trip as far as visions go. Sometimes you don’t see things that scare you, and you just get either too curious with anything you see morphing, or you’re just completely convinced that everything looks better than it really does. Sometimes you’re semi-aware, others it feels like it’s always been that way, others, you don’t really think ‚bout it at all.
    But you CAN see some pretty creepy things. I know I have.

  11. @superjumpman92 Well, honestly, it doesn’t really matter. He can be imagining that his reflection’s eyes are closed. I had a bad trip of the sorts once, but on a switched off TV-Screen where I saw my reflection sleeping still, and as far as I recall, I was trying to wake myself up by poking and knocking on the screen, and yelling in about every language I know.

  12. @repkillaqueens …Lol. It was your mind playing tricks, if you’re referring to a trip.
    If there was a malevolent demon inside you, you would be murdering people, being investigated by the American government in Area 51, or getting payed at a freakshow to scare people out of their wits.
    Experiences can be extremely realistic to you when tripping on hallucinogenic drugs.

  13. @RebornAleph yea i took a nice dose of acid that day and had a crazy spiritual trip like those tribe ppl lol but i dont know bro that sounds like some movie shit you talkin about lol i feel like i have a demon which kills me by not making me think straight and making me feel good like OD on drugs and shit

  14. wow this video misses ALOT, but holy fuck i love when you are sober, and than you look at somthing and it trips into something else!!! OMFG its fucking insane, than your sober again. i fucking love lsd!

  15. 0:25 If you dive deep enough in the rabbit hole you’ll come out the other side. The strongest trips I’ve had kind of looked like this completely fucked up faces and sounds. Very cartoonish yet soo surreal..

  16. 0:10 Haha, that was totally me on my first shroom trip. I didn’t get any scary faces though, just a lot of giggling and feeling like I was almost looking at someone else. Maybe the scary stuff happens at higher doses, but I hope that doesn’t happen to me! The only thing the video is missing is distortions and movement in the periphery.

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