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Flashback anyone?


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  1. 0:10 Haha, that was totally me on my first shroom trip. I didn’t get any scary faces though, just a lot of giggling and feeling like I was almost looking at someone else. Maybe the scary stuff happens at higher doses, but I hope that doesn’t happen to me! The only thing the video is missing is distortions and movement in the periphery.

  2. 0:25 If you dive deep enough in the rabbit hole you’ll come out the other side. The strongest trips I’ve had kind of looked like this completely fucked up faces and sounds. Very cartoonish yet soo surreal..

  3. wow this video misses ALOT, but holy fuck i love when you are sober, and than you look at somthing and it trips into something else!!! OMFG its fucking insane, than your sober again. i fucking love lsd!

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