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  1. @ki2clint So you’re saying these girl/boy bands have been out and popular since the 70s? i believe not. If what you’re saying is true, then the music has become still water. I remember back when they had SG wannabe and lots of soul music, which was distinctive to korean music. Now you see a „girl’s generation“ all trying to make the next big hit (catchy song and dance) that goes away a matter of 1-2 weeks. It’s not about the music anymore; its about the fame. Hip-hop is dead.

  2. @idaho777 Dear idaho777.
    do you REALLY believe korean music is trash? why..? because they remake american bands ? hahah I take you wrong, Korean pop music has been out as long as the 1970’s while the first American pop song came along shortly after around the mid 80’s. I believe you are wrong sire. Yes music is universal and great to listen to. but not bad to bash on. whether you are Korean, Japanese, Mexican whatever. It is your choice. But you have nothing to say.

  3. @Japanobuster and the fact that i just answered your question which was in korean doesn’t prove that i know korean? jesus christ get some senses. i bet your just another ignorant korean jingoist that hates and hates. i could easily counter your arguments about listening to japanese music by comparing to the english language. you’re not american stfu and stop speaking english, stick to korean. You like archery? well its german so stop watching it. See what i mean? those are stupid arguments.

  4. @Japanobuster HAHA you don’t think im korean? i guess you can believe what you want but oh well.. i live in america where korean isn’t necessary. don’t get me wrong i suck at korean, but atleast i can understand it. WIth the way korean culture is right now, it’s pretty much downhill. And you do notice the type of music i listen too right? so you do notice half of it is based on the music and not the lyrics? I don’t speak japanese but i do understand tonality, and chord progressions.

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