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Kylie is George Michael!


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  1. put it this way their voices blend so i say a duet in the future would be a hit. who cares who it is its . its a great song just enjoy it and let the person who earns the money do the worrying over who they are.

  2. George …its me dude your replica(ppl say i look like you not sing).people have grown up watching me and i have grown up listening to you…..Karunakar koyyada

  3. @missfunky003 I am sorry, i should have been more specific with my comments about people. Its only that i had seen Kylie Minogue in the hit BBC comedy series, THE VICAR OF DIBLEY, and since most of all the artists on that show where BRITISH, i too had presumed her to be ENGLISH. Thank you any way for letting me know!

  4. What this signifies is that these two singers use similar singing techniques and have proportionally similar voices shapes (Kylie’s being smaller, therefor higher).
    It works the same way as if you slowed down a piccolo it’d sound like a flute, or a violin would sound like a viola or cello. It;s not really that big a deal, and it makes perfectly mundane sense.

    As some other chap pointed out though, it does mean their voices’d blend well ( for duets with close harmony etc).

  5. This is spooky especially as Kylie has just been nicked for crashing her scooter into Longton Lane Wines in Rainhill, apparently under the influence of Michael Hutchence’s ghost. BONKERS!!

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