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How To Disable/ Manage Push Notifications for „Favorite Friends“ on The IPhone

When using the „star“ function in facebook to mark a friend as a close feriend or favorite you will receive any update as a push notification via the facebook app on your IPhone. This is really annoying since the facebook settings for push notification within the settings app do not work anymore and are not…

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How Much Your Internet Is Filtered Via Google And Facebook

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The Future of Captchas: Facebooks Social Captcha Patent (Recognizing Friends)

In its latest salvo in the fight against spam, Facebook has filed a patent application for a “social CAPTCHA” system. CAPTCHAs, which ask people to re-enter a code displayed visually, have become well known as the main system for blocking spammers on the web. Facebook believes the social CAPTCHA will prevent spam even more effectively….

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