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Doc East – Strong, Wild and Free


Together we can move the world Song Written By Doc East 2010 Lyrics Strong Wild And Free Part one Like a butterfly in the morning, so beautiful to see Like a horse so wild and free Like a bear devours the honey Like a wolf so familiar and strong, in his being oh jeah oh jeah It is so wonderful to see this So wonderfully free I am grateful we live on a beautiful world On an incredible and magical world So unbelievable, but it is real you must see it I can not believe that some people, find an X-box beautiful than the natur of these world. But I love the freedom of a bird I Love the Nature of these world Chorus We have a world full of wonder and beauty We have eyes to see this, but we are blind and dont understand to appreciate this where our adventure passion gone where are the kids playing in the mud and where all the tree houses are gone Computers are nice but they make us dependent why we are no more strong wild and free Pre-Chorus I am sad because the world is not respected Why are people so blind We should stand up and start over We should learn the world does not belong to us ohh Its very hard to jump over ones own shadow.

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