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How To Disable/ Manage Push Notifications for „Favorite Friends“ on The IPhone

When using the „star“ function in facebook to mark a friend as a close feriend or favorite you will receive any update as a push notification via the facebook app on your IPhone. This is really annoying since the facebook settings for push notification within the settings app do not work anymore and are not adapted to this new „close friends“ feature. It’s even worse, it seems that the settings part is totally useless now. You cannot even disalbe the Push sound for those notifications.

There is not yet way to disable push notification for certain activities for starred friends but you can at least disable those messages in total. As you’d expect facebook has hidden this pretty well. Its not under the usual settings app but within the facebook app itself. Here‘ what to do:

Open the facebook app

  1. Settings
  2. My Account
  3. Notifications
  4. Disable Notifications for activities of close friends

Dont be shocked. The change is not visible immediately. You need to drag the window down to reload, otherwise it will always enable the setting again.

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