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Prodigy Style but more as DnB

Found this gem in my beloved Prodigy facebook forum. Catchy drums nice tune. Chonna rob this frickin flock!

VIZE feat. Laniia – Stars (Official Video HD)

A truly amazing song. Definitely the new „In my mind“. Reminds me of those 90s Gigi Dagostine hits that I used to listen to all the time when I was a teenager. I feel this bass has a very nice boom. Especially in my car it blows me away. Time to get up and be…

Video Games Are Not the cause of Mass Shootings Mr. President!

„Stop the glorification of violence in our society that includes (…) videos games“. No! Mr. Trump Videos games are not the cause of mass shootings. The gliorification is what the NRA does, it is what you do it is what the hate you push into your society does. It is embarrassing that anyone has to…
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