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Never forget the Crazy Sprinkler Lady

What the heck is oozing out of our grounds? This is nothing that happened 20 years ago? Really I guess it did. We as a nation have to ask ourselves why people like this exist. Rainbows are not just around our sun and our moon anymore!

Rubber Johnny 2020

This is a total WTF moment in music history. Same as once with rubber johnny. This video is of amazing quality but extremely weird.

Alien Interview

I think that the videos interview with this alien are true. He said scientific things that are true. I have watched the 3 videos and my opinion of it all is (the message in these videos are blunt truth! Though the alien may not have been very detailed with the questions he was asked but…

Chicky Nuggies

So cute. Baby Yoda loves Chicky Nuggies and I am hungry now. I also want Chicky Nuggies. The word is cute and Baby Yoda Sumpfling is cute. And smol. Am Humgry

A set Full of greatest Songs – Electro Chill

//Tracks// Tale Of Us – Obscure Promises Fink – Make It Good (Tale Of Us & Tennis Remix) Moderat – A New Error (Shady Monk Remix) David August – Stepping Through Myself (Pure Remix) Cosmic Cowboys – If You Leave Tonight (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) Stavroz – Gold Town (Solomun Original Mix) Nicolas Jaar – Took…
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