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Stressless floating music

This music makes me think of how I might feel if I had no stressors in my life: No work, no modern responsibilities or worries from the world we live in, no pressures to be something I’m not. When I lie down at night in my bed and put this on, I feel like I…

Galactica is a Science KI scientists should be afraid of

I asked #Galactica about some things I know about and I'm troubled. In all cases, it was wrong or biased but sounded right and authoritative. I think it's dangerous. Here are a few of my experiments and my analysis of my concerns. (1/9) — Michael Black (@Michael_J_Black) November 17, 2022 I asked #Galactica about some…

bedroom – in my head

Somebody help me before I end up dead p.s -i always thought of this dancing scene when i listen to this song. Song:in my head by bedroom tv show:the end of the fucking world
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