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Horrific Cave Story – Trapped in a bad Position

This makes me utterly sad but is interesting nontheless. Dont‘ crawl into dark deep caves.Nutty Putty Cave. The first video shows the accident, the second video details the whole story a little „deeper“. The cave was sealed with John Jones…

Chillout Music With a Mini Device

I don’t know what kind of device this is but it rocks. In the other videos or Your Wong he mostly creates awesome chillout tunes just with this tiny white music thing.

War der Lockdown nötig?

Ich glaube ja, aber Corona-Verweigerer ziehen eine bekannte Grafik des RKI heran, um zu zeigen, dass die Reproduktionsrate schon VOR dem Lockdown am 23.3. unter 1 lag. Wie auch immer. Ich denke es hat etwas gebracht, aber das ist natürlich…

Virus Calendar Fun

Just subscribe to this virus cvalendar. It is harmless though but it has so many useless events in it it will spam your device. lol CLICK SUBSCRIBE”                          …
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