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TIME Magazine Covers: US vs Rest Of The World

  • 27. November 2011
More: The rest of the world: Egypt is burning again. America: Stressed out? It’s good for you. Nothing to see here. TIME Magazine — Europe Edition — Dec 5, 2011 | Vol. 178, No. 22.

Die erste Folge TV Total

  • 10. November 2011
Stand Up Highlight der Woche Neuer Schreibtisch 1 Nominierung Unauffindbar: Dr. Carlo Bussi Andreas Türck 2. Nominierung Raabigramm Raab in Gefahr Raab der Woche Lovestory Bullyparade 3. Nomierung

Random Crashes With Battlefield 3? Heres A Fix!

  • 27. Oktober 2011
BF3 has problems with overclocked graphicsadapters like Nvidia GTX 560 ti. So simply install the tool „MSI Afterburner“ (don’t mind the manufacturer MSI, works with others as well). „Underclock“ your graphics engine for instance from 900Mhz to 850Mhz, clik on…

Twenty five movies to watch while high

  • 6. Oktober 2011
For a while now, I’ve been meaning to take some of the more lively discussion topics and turn them into condensed list-like articles. I hate doing normal top 10 lists and I generally dislike most top 10 (or whatever) lists,…
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