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A Master of Card Tricks

That’s Jason Ladanye for y’all, his sleight of hand is one of the best I have ever seen! My theory is that all of his shuffling is an entirely predetermined way. He knows where the aces are before starting and then shuffles so precisely that he knows where they will be after each step. It’s also possible that he’s not really shuffling at all but rearranging the cards to look like they’re shuffled when they aren’t (again he would have to know where aces are at the start). Finally possibility I can think of is that he is using really good sleight of hand to place the aces where he wants in the deck without it being noticeable and they were never shuffled to begin with

You can actually see the trick fairly easily when he finds the second ace. The trick here is the cards are laminated with different textured materials. Some cards stick to each other a little bit while others are very slippery. So when he is trying to find an ace all he needs to do is apple some pressure and the cards near ace will slip. When they do he just grabs the top cards, lifts them and there is your ace. Now sometimes ace slide with top part of the deck instead of staying bottom hence the second ace.


There is also this guy. Mr. greene or sth like this. The whole video is plain awesome.

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