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Alien Interview

I think that the videos interview with this alien are true. He said scientific things that are true. I have watched the 3 videos and my opinion of it all is (the message in these videos are blunt truth! Though the alien may not have been very detailed with the questions he was asked but the answer is there. Look at today and what’s going on and what has happened, we are living the prophecy as it is said to happen. Hate, destruction, war, and etc. has put us in A vital state where America isn’t the land of the free anymore! America sadly is turning into people’s worst nightmare with the elites of the world fighting for greed and power that they can dispose of us just like that at any cost to gain more and more for there benefits. Every where you look or see has been corrupted with there abilities to try and blind us or manipulate us with lies fabricated by them. We all need to love, care, and be respectful to one another and that is the strongest weapon we have against the elites and crooked government, we the people, for the people, should take care of our people!).

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