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Titanfall: Official E3 Gameplay Demo

Titanfall: Official E3 Gameplay Demo

Experience the full impact of Titanfall! Watch the game demo performed Live by Respawn Founder Vince Zampella at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference. Learn mor…

The Anatomy of a Titanfall Map
If a game's maps don't encourage exciting battles between players, all the flashy guns and sound effects in the world don't stand a chance of saving it. Therein lies the challenge for the team behind Titanfall: how do you build maps that work for wall
By GameSpot on Thu, 20 Feb 2014 10:00:33 -0800
3 Reasons Why 'Titanfall' Is Better Than 'Call Of Duty' Multiplayer
The Titanfall beta/demo is winding down, and millions of people around the world have got a chance to tinker around with the first major release of the current console generation. The response has been widely positive, and while the impact this game
By Forbes on Thu, 20 Feb 2014 10:27:56 -0800
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  1. This is the reason why I went with Xbox one. Xbox has always had the better
    exclusives and I know I might sound like an xbox fanboy but trust me I’m
    not. I actually was seriously considering buying a ps4 but I just couldn’t
    ignore the fact that I wouldn’t be able to play games like halo, gears,
    fable and now titanfall. The ps4 may seem like a better console because it
    has slightly better graphics but you have to think about exclusives.

  2. This is nothing like cod. I played the beta and now I can’t wait for march
    11 awesome game. Cod series was good but they have done FUCKED IT UP with

  3. they seriously need to kick the concept of exclusives, it’s the worst thing
    we cant all afford £2500 to buy a high-end pc, ps4 and xbox

  4. Most people who have played the beta say that it was amazing, and they were
    not expecting it to be that fun. So if your going to hate on this game,
    play it first.

  5. Who cares about another strictly boring and dull FP shooter…Just adding
    to the huge library of boring clones..! We want new gameplay mechanics
    with plenty of animations, interactions, plenty of valuable items to use
    and find, options in an open world explorations… That’s nextgen gaming
    not boring clones and non-ending clones…..

  6. is awesome, I know it looks like COD but I got tired of the same game play
    different graphics and characters. But I like this, different style. I like

  7. This game is everything the commercials described it as. This will be the
    next big game series. Watch out call of duty and battlefield, Titanfall is

  8. I love that this is only on Xbox and PC, and not on PS4. I swear PS4 goes
    down as the most overrated console ever made. A console that is supposed to
    be focused on games but barely has any. Xbox One has more games and way
    more features. It’s pretty obvious which is better

  9. Does this game feature advanced fish A.I with the next gen engine ? NO
    Does this game have ultra realistic dogs ? NO
    Does this game features such last stand ? NO
    2/10 want to be the next cod
    US cod gamers shall unite and bring down this game by supporting the best
    game ever realised last year (no, not the copy and pasted piece of shit
    known as the last of us, i am talking about COD GHOST, everyone shall buy
    every DLC and fuck this game 

  10. this will be disappointment of the year. The game is boring, bad, awfull
    grey graphics. stupid bots with awful AI, only 6v6, too short matches, and
    whole map you focus on one titan that you are trying to destroy… now,
    don’t say it’s only beta. The game won’t change too much in a period of one
    month. Facepalm to trolls who said this is call of Duty killer

  11. Actually the best multiplayer game I’ve played ever.
    If you like games, you’ll love this game.
    If you like any of the following, double your love for this game:
    -Call of Duty
    -Pacific Rim
    -Evangelion + (Any mecha franchise)
    -Power Rangers
    -Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
    -Extreme badassery

    I, for one, like all of those things
    So, I fucking LOVE the shit outta Titanfall.

    Beta’s over now, my life has no meaning for a while.

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