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Titanfall: Official Angel City Gameplay Trailer

Titanfall: Official Angel City Gameplay Trailer

Experience Titanfall’s fast-paced, vertical combat with this Angel City cinematic multiplayer gameplay video. Titanfall delivers fast-paced, future combat th…

GS News – Titanfall's HUGE Monsters Revealed + Cheap PlayStation Games!
Monsters Revealed + Cheap PlayStation Games! Posted by Edmond Tran | Feb. 19, 2014 4:00pm. Rockstar Games are having a sale on PSN, Respawn has new ways to kill you in Titanfall, and just how big is Infamous: Second Son's install size on PS4?
By GameSpot on Wed, 19 Feb 2014 16:00:11 -0800
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  1. A TIP FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!
    Buy the game over a Mexican Proxy I got it in Origin for 28 Euro (38.51
    USD) over this way :D

  2. This is basically CoD with mechs and robotic elements. Ever heard of
    Section 8 (:Prejudice)? It has the exact same FPS element, mechs, jetpacks,
    paradropping etcs, but has bigger maps and more vehicles alongside being a
    very balanced game no matter what class ou play. But I bet you haven’t
    heard that game before nor do you plan on checking it out because that game
    is so underrated and overshadowed.

  3. This just looks like a slightly more interesting Crysis 2 and as it was
    made by someone who had something to do with CoD I think I’ll keep my £44
    thanks lol.

  4. installed, played 2 games, uninstalled. too fast paced for me. like it a
    bit slower like in bf4 or even arma3. but not here to start a comment war,
    if you like COD you should try this. i think you will like it alot:). i
    have played bf4 and bf3 for a long time so it were very dissapointing
    graphics but running on source engine i think its ok, but cmon its 2014 now
    and games should atleast have option for higher resolution textures than
    this. even highest was dissapointing. bf4 does that better. but if you like
    it fast, shooting without caring much where and with some extra cool
    features you should try this. it runs smooth and atleast they tryed to make
    something unicue and they succeeded, not like ghosts… hope this helped a
    bit in choosing to buy this or not :D

  5. You need to try harder than that, cause this game will destroy battlefield
    4 and that COD shit, well it looks beautiful cause it’s a masterpiece. And
    one more thing, slower games are for slow minded people,and if you are sick
    from that codshit game, and buggy battlefield 4 you should enjoy this, it’s
    so fun.

  6. Got a hold of the art book. Monsters, vehicles and storymode told from both
    imc and militia so you will play through the storymode twice. This game is
    going to be spectacular.

  7. With so many "CoD Killers" having came and passed, it’s a bit ironic that
    this is finally the real deal but it’s made by the same guys who catapulted
    CoD into such heights in the first place.

  8. “From the developers of Call of Duty“.

    Is this how a real CoD would’ve looked like since MW2 if they gave 2 shits
    about it?

    Btw, does anyone know if you can actually aim in this? I think i only see
    sprays all over lol.

  9. Hey guys! I’m not trying to spam nor am i trying to advertise but merely
    let you guys know that I have a channel and I post Cod, Minecraft,
    Battlefeild and Titanfall content and I really want to grow my channel so
    please subscribe! Thanks for reading :D

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