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Stupid People Compilation Of 2013 (best Of)

Via Stupid People Compilation Of 2013 (best Of).

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  1. My fave was the dumbass throwing himself at a car, trying to win a lawsuit
    Mostly its a compilation proving that men are dumber than a box of rocks

  2. America is made up of immigrants from all over the world. These people’s
    ancestors obviously came from YOUR country, America haters, obviously they
    brought their native idiocy with them. Judging from what I’ve read here
    there are still masses of uncontrolled morons all over the planet. Perhaps
    if we send these pea-wits back home they’d feel much more at home there.

  3. The stupidest thing about these people? Each and every one of them
    probably has a boyfriend or girlfriend who picked them over some other far
    worthier candidate…

  4. Anyone else find it hilarious at 3:36 when the biker gets hit by the what
    looks like a very obvious deer (buck) or moose or something along those
    lines.. and the guy filming has what sounds like an Indian accent and he
    says “holy cow!” which is hilarious and ironic in it’s own right.. But then
    isn’t the Cow like a God in India or sacred or worshiped or something? So
    it was like he was saying “OH MY GOD!” Idk I just found that short clip
    very humorous for many stupid reasons lol maybe it’s just me. If anyone
    else thinks that was kinda funny and ironic please let me know!

  5. Why the fuck is this video called stupid people? Some of the videos do fit
    the title others are far from stupid, for instance people who practice
    extreme sports etc could not be called stupid and some of the accidents
    involved are plain sad and terrible to watch but not stupid so whoever
    titled this video is an ignorant asshole with limited perspective of the

  6. @ PineKush, so do you always have to troll with dumb statements like that?
    So basically if anyone has any opposing view to yours they’re liberals? I
    don’t even think you understand what being a liberal even means, it’s just
    a word you throw around like gay or retard. You just sound ignorant.

  7. ummmmmm…. some of these were just accidents during sporting events, they
    are smarter than the creator of this vid.

  8. LARSSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……I’ve been lookin for you!……wheres the five
    bucks you owe me bitch!!!!… up, or I’m gonna bang your woman again,
    fill her right up with my man juice….

  9. Some of the dumbest bastards are in other countries too as this video
    demonstrates. Its not just the US that full of shitheads, although were up

  10. Poor lady that got landed on by the guy on MX…. He just like landed on
    her and rode right off of her and managed not to fall. 😛

  11. i have not seen any videos that prove any stupidity its mostly Trial and
    error or someone just plain old messing up. please rename the video

  12. The bottle rocket thing, I wouldn’t necessarily put that into the “stupid
    people” category. That was just unlucky, and curiosity, not stupidity.

  13. How do you whiskey throttle a car? How inept can someones hand eye
    coordination be? If you are driving a car then you obviously don’t have any
    disabilities, or at least shouldn’t. WTF?


  15. 1st pissed me off to no end. Wish I could find that asshole tie him up (cuz
    he probably run), and beat him within an inch of his life with a baseball

  16. There are stupid people everywhere, yes I have met stupid people in the
    United States, and I have met stupid people from other places. Oh, and yes,
    I have done some stupid things myself. It happens…

  17. NeptuneDoesPvP, these people really are stupid. Don’t go telling people
    that make vidios like this that people aren’t really stupid poop face.

  18. To all “AMERICA IS STUPID” asswipes you realize that all of these are
    Russian. Mexico there are only four america dumbasses so stfu Muslims go
    die in lake

  19. I hate when put a clip on a “stupid people” video and it wasn’t someone
    being an idiot it was an accident

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