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Everything You Know About Penises Is Wrong

Via Everything You Know About Penises Is Wrong.

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  1. The octopus just reached a new level of laziness, wish i could send my
    penis to seek out girls for me…

  2. Ah yes, the magical penis holds so many beautiful mysteries and wonders
    that have yet to be examined and studied. Penises are artistic.

  3. I’ve read infant foreskins are also sold and converted into ingredients for
    high end skin creams. Nothing makes those crows feet and smile lines vanish
    like a little bit of baby dick.

  4. Also, having a 3 incher is really normal. They forgot to mention that. It’s
    nothing to be embarrassed about because it’s totally normal size. Am I
    right or am I right?

  5. „everything you know about penises is wrong“ pff. Jank it a bit and white
    sticky stuff comes out. Is that wrong? No? Then BOOHOO BuzzFeedVideo!

  6. So if you are the victim of a burn, so much so that you need new skin…you
    can honestly say you’re a dick? (n a sense)….

  7. Buzzfeed’s misleading titles are out of hand. I knew almost all of this
    already. And even if I hadn’t, there is nothing in this video that would
    turn a person’s fundamental understand of the penis on its head… as it

  8. Dead people cannot have erections as an erection is caused by extra blood
    flow to the penis, and as their heart is not beating, there is no blood
    flow, therefore no erection can happen. Oh biology, I do love you.

  9. How to get young boys to stop smoking, show them this video.
    How to get young girls to stop dating boys that are smoking, show them this

  10. 0:30 But how is that any fun for the octopus?

    By the way, this video doesn’t disprove anything I already knew on the

  11. I watched this video and it didn’t teach me anything new about penises. I
    feel robbed. Everything I know about penises is right.

  12. This doesn’t disprove anything i already know. It just gives me more facts
    I’m going to forget within fifteen minutes. I believe everything I know
    about penis‘ still stands

  13. well,i guess when u wanna give a measurement about the amount of skin
    created,u should use the area dimension not the length dimension…

  14. How was that supposed to prove a single thing about what i thought wrong
    about penises. Misleading titles. Godamnit

  15. I discovered the two-penis thing like a day before I found this video
    because a dude on tumblr posted a photo of his two dicks and I was like
    well I wasn’t expecting to see that ever but okay

  16. I discovered the two-penis thing like a day before I found this video
    because a dude on tumblr posted a photo of his two dicks and I was like
    well I wasn’t expecting to see that ever but okay

  17. The one about the octopus, I cracked up imagining an octopus’s dick just
    detach as he waves and says in a Canadian voice „Go find a mate, Eh?“ and
    the dick says back „WILL DO DAD!“

  18. The one about the octopus, I cracked up imagining an octopus’s dick just
    detach as he waves and says in a Canadian voice „Go find a mate, Eh?“ and
    the dick says back „WILL DO DAD!“

  19. It kinda of scared me at 0:19 when he sliced that carrot right when he said
    that smoking could shrink you penis by a centimeter.

  20. WTF the think about Koro is taught in medical school dude, wtf where are
    the references. They all anything to be put up on youtube these days.

  21. I don’t know if this is true but apparentley one of the batman movies had
    robin played by an actor with 2 penises
    (something I overheard some of my classmates searching up on there iphones,
    strangle enough they were quite interested in trying to find a picture but
    most efforts proved useless)

  22. Get that knife out of the screen when talking about penises! I already
    regret watching pain olympics…

  23. Wow, I Feel Rather Gay Right Now, I’m Going To Have To Watch Some Girl On
    Girl Action Right Now To Feel Better.

  24. I’ve always found it funny that „boner“ is slang for an erect penis, since
    humans don’t have a bone in there.

  25. Why is it if a Man has a small penis they say oh He drives that big truck
    because He has a small penis. Could it be He just likes trucks????

  26. I can’t say this video proved anything I knew about penises to be wrong,
    necessarily, but I guess that’s a relief.

  27. Ever wonder who’s making a ton of money off yours or your son’s part of a
    penis that got cut off as an infant???

  28. I’m pretty sure that dead people erection is what Edward Cullen had. That’s
    why he could have sex but not have a pulse

  29. smoking kills: the smoke dont kill, you commit suicide because you wake up
    one day, and then your penis is gone because you were smoking.

  30. Ever had the irrational fear that you have the worlds smallest penis ?
    There has to be a phobia word for that condition ? Too afraid to google it
    in case….

  31. I hate bullshit titles. This video didn’t say a single thing about what I
    might or might not already know about the subject matter.

  32. What if, when Justin Bieber dies. A crazy fan girl would dig up his body
    and and waited till he had an erection and then rapes him?

  33. Buzz Feed, more like Bitch Feed.
    How do they fucking assume that what I know is wrong?
    It hurts my FUCKING EGO.

  34. Im thinking YouTube should start deleting videos that are just taking up
    space so it would leave more room for more interesting videos.This nonsense
    is getting ridiculous.

  35. I mostly come here to watch instructional videos on crafts and maybe some
    cooking etc and old shows. and music..Sexual Stuff should go on
    some sex site.IT DOES NOT BELONG on a public site where kids are coming to.



  37. This is why guys are weird perverts EVEN when they’re dead?? I mean
    ejaculating when you’re dead that’s just fuckin crazy!

  38. Always look at your penis after a skin surgery. If your penis looks
    different, great. If same, don’t tell.

  39. Dead people can have erections, you can’t be serious, that is bullshit,
    when a person dies their body shuts down their brain dosn’t send their
    penis messages..

  40. Everything thing I didn’t know about penises is more like it. I never once
    in my life thought „Well, fetuses and dead people can’t get erect!“

  41. There is also at least one species or variety of spider that has a wang
    that the dude can detach at will in the event he hooks up with a female
    spider that decides she wants to not release his pecker so she can eat him
    after doing the naked pretzel.

  42. Just because I didn’t know this possibly incorrect information doesn’t mean
    everything I know is wrong….

  43. Wait, so a vagina has two holes. one to piss with, and one to fuck with.
    Why can’t us men have two penises? one to piss with, and who to fuck

  44. „How about we build a museum with hundreds of artifacts of animal penises“
    „That’s a great idea!“

  45. Ok I don’t feel like watching a facts-video, so please correct me if I’m
    wrong and I will come back to watch the video… But:
    The title should actually be „Everything you know about penises… Is
    probably right, these things are also right but you didn’t know them“

  46. How can you get a boner when your dead if a boner is when blood goes to
    your penis and the muscles contract? Your heart isn’t pumping blood…

  47. The sad thing is our politicians are still trying to stop Hospitals from
    using foreskins to help burn victims. People would rather let others
    suffer and die in agony than have to talk about penises.

  48. How could you get a boner when you’re dead, that doesn’t make any sense at
    all. Getting a boner have to do with brain activity and blood flow and
    stuff. That can’t happen when you’re a skeleton.

  49. you forgot to mention that dead people can have erections too… you guys.
    please quit while you’re behind, you aint ever gonna lead.

  50. Everything toy know about penises is wrong: did you know that there is a
    penis museum in Iceland.
    Very appropriate and fitting title buzzed, but I think I know my own Dick
    better than your feminazi overlords.

  51. Joke: A guy wanted to go to „Pen Island“ to buy some pens. Then he asked
    for a direction to Pen island to a person walking on the street, and he
    gave the directions. But the final destination was Penisland!

  52. I can see how fetuses can have orgasms is logical but dead people? Their
    brains are inactive and cannot tell even that someone is even touching any
    part of the body. And it couldn’t be a muscle memory thing, because muscles
    don’t sense or feel.

  53. „Koro is an irrational fear that your penis is shrinking or disappearing.“

    Which part of my dick shriveling up and/or falling of is irrational?

  54. 1:11 I have that, some times when I ride my bike it sinks in my body so I
    have to pull it back out and sometimes and hold it so it won’t go back in

  55. I’m gonna randomly go up to people and whisper in their ear

    „Hey…..dead people can have orgasms“

  56. „doctors use foreskiin for synthetic skin“ you mean the skin that has been
    cut off babys by dumbfucks such as american parents?

  57. Number 1 should had been about the function of the foreskin instead of
    using baby mutilation for skin graft side note we could use baby girls fo
    the same thing but there to scared for that

  58. This is fucking weird bro: to begin with this vid did not change my
    attitude regarding penis. at all. it just gave random anomalies that I
    could care less about. In fact I bet this video was produced by those weird
    ass dudes from the di** museum…They comen up with haribrain ideas just to
    steal my penis, man f*** ya’ll, Im keeping mine.

  59. Keep in mind BuzzFeed is full of fuckin hype. The Argonaut Octopus „penis“
    is actually a modified arm that transfers sperm. It can detach, but the
    male sticks it in the female first.

  60. „everything you know about penises is wrong“
    „some men are born with diphallia, which means they are born with two
    working penises“

    You already got your first fact wrong…Diphallia is VERY rare and almost
    ALL of the men who do have it, the second penis is NON-FUNCTIONAL. There
    are only a few reported cases where the second penis is actually
    functional. And of course, It’s a deformity so using it for something like
    sex is only a dream.

  61. so technically if you have necrophelia… and youre a girl… the other
    person could get you pregnant?? (and the other person would be a dead dude)
    wooooaah. woooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  62. You guys did a really good vid on Vags and this is what the Penis get ??? I
    am dissappointed !! I thought you would add some new science stuff in there
    !! 😛 😛

  63. Wrong. You cannot ejaculate when you’re dead.When you’re dead, your whole
    body shuts down, including your nerves. This is why you can’t grow your
    hair or your nails when you’re dead, your body shuts down completely.

  64. Well… yeah most of this I already knew but… not for the octopus,
    It should be called The Goddamn Happy Octopus 😀

  65. I literally have the opposite fear as koro. I have the fear of having a big
    dick. Also sex having an erection, vaginas, condoms, alcohol, drugs, and
    nudity. Yeah my only rational fear is of hights. Yikes I will never
    experience high school.

  66. Why is pop culture all about desensatizing or perhaps even promoting sexual
    knowledge? I just love to think about how honeymoon nights played out in
    the past like,
    Man:So…(Unzips pants)
    Woman:OMG! OMA! What a rod!!
    But now of course woman get their get Ph.D’s in Dicksize by 18. So the
    element of surprise at bed is a long forgotten inclination for most most
    men. Keeping all that aside, I pose a serious question full of contempt,
    Lads and lasses, Don’t I?

  67. It says that if a person (male) smokes his penis size can decrease . But
    smoking what exactly? Smoking weed? Smoking meth? Smoking Cigarettes?
    Smoking embalming fluid? Or All the above? lol

  68. All of our technology is based on the penis. From the first sharpened stick
    spear, to piston engines and rockets.
    We are always dreaming of killing something, or fucking.

  69. „Everything You Know About Penises is Wrong“

    So a penis isn’t found on a male, it isn’t an organ used for reproduction,
    and it actually is socially acceptable to show one’s penis in a public area?

    Wow… I never knew! Thank you for opening my eyes, BuzzFeed!

  70. the moment when you look at this video that talks about diphallia, go to
    facebook to talk to someone and your feed talks about diphallia.
    man this is kinda unlikely shit sometimes

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